Travelling To The Most Vaccinated Country In The World

The CDC says to avoid travel to the most vaccinated country in the world, and if you do go there get vaccinated first (in order to avoid being infected by other vaccinated people.)

COVID-19 in Israel – COVID-19 Very High – Level 4: COVID-19 Very High – Travel Health Notices | Travelers’ Health | CDC

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19 Responses to Travelling To The Most Vaccinated Country In The World

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    If the vaccine helped toward herd immunity, then you would expect that a country with 2/3rds of the population vaccinated would exhibit some decrease in case load.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      According to Our World in Data, Sweden and Israel have similar vaccination levels, yet Sweden’s case load is a fraction of Israel’s. Why? Today they did not show Sweden’s case level graph. Are they embarrassed? Is it possible that Sweden is doing better because of their early approach and attempt at herd immunity? Ditto Italy, who may have inadvertently made a shot at herd immunity because they were caught unprepared and suffered many cases early on before the vaccines came into play. Only time will tell. Probably the newspapers won’t, though.

      • Richard says:

        Newsweek: Sweden’s Coronavirus Herd Immunity ‘Nowhere In Sight,’ Researchers Say
        Sweden, which has made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic for not locking down like other countries, is nowhere near achieving herd immunity, according to researchers. … Evidence suggests that being infected with the COVID-19-causing coronavirus can trigger the production of antibodies, although it’s unclear whether this protects against reinfections, the authors noted. While it was hoped that 40 percent of the population of Sweden’s capital Stockholm would be carrying antibodies against the virus by May 2020, the figure was in fact around 15 percent. (Gander, 8/12)
        no it didnt work
        if you compare Japan with Sweden you will see important numbers
        Japan 120 million- less deaths and infections then Sweden
        Sweden 12 million- more deaths than Japan

        WHY Japan takes hygiene seriously

        • Petit_Barde says:

          During the mid August outbreak in Europe and Japan, Japan had the highest share of positive tests (20.6%) among many countries (including France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Greece, etc.). Sweden’s peak during this period was 5.5%.

          So the Japan hygiene assumption may be wrong.

          The herd immunity against a mutating virus as the flu never completely happened (if it has, the flu wouldn’t exist anymore), and it may be the same thing with the SARS-COV2, but a partial herd immunity be it natural and/or induced by vaccination, where people get less seriously ill when they are infected seems to be a plausible assumption and it’s actually the case in Sweden (as in most of the other countries where there are many “cases” but few deaths).

          This 2 to 3 years lasting process of partial herd immunity acquired by infection and/or vaccination during the breakthrough of a new flu like virus has been observed since the Spanish flu in 1918. Nowadays we healthy population barely get ill when a descendant of the Spanish flu virus infects them.

          Hoping that this will be the same process with this virus.

          • Conrad Ziefle says:

            But there is something going on in Japan, and it has been enduring. Even Bret and Heather on the Dark Horse have mentioned it. Japan’s peak has been very narrow and is dropping quickly. Who knows what it is, but you would think there would be the intellectual curiosity in the Western science community to make a crack at trying to figure it out. Most of the western countries are at about 60-70% vaccinated, yet their current case loads are often disparate. Italy and Sweden vs UK and the US, for example. There is something not related to the vaccination rate going on. Could be they haven’t yet been hit by the variant wave, but that seems unlikely to me. Wish some people with sharp minds would dig into it. It could be helpful to everyone. One thing that is getting more acceptance is the use of regeneron, monoclonal antibodies.

        • Michael Peinsipp says:

          Now look at Taiwan…839 deaths TOTAL. They all use an inhaler to stop COVID.
          And in rural areas of America, our COVID deaths are close to ZERO. Why? Cuz we breathe fresh air and are not living on top of each other like cattle.

        • GreyGeek says:

          Japan takes hygiene more seriously than Sweden? That’s an entirely subjective comment. And, citing Newsweek as a souce doesn’t add credibility to your argument.
          Japan’s population is about 11.5 larger than Sweden. Your argument basically is that if we multiplied Sweden’s daily new cases and daily new deaths they’d drastically exceed those of Japan. I used Worldinfo to test your hypothesis as of Sept 14.
          Sweden’s DNC is 1,105. Japan’s is 3,769.
          Sweden’s DND has been around 2 +-2 since June 15th. Japan’s DND is 49.
          Employing the 11.5X population factor to Sweden:
          DNC would be 12,707 and DND would be 23 +- 23.

          Sweden’s daily new deaths, normalized to Japan’s population is still half of what Japan’s is. Is Sweden more hygienic than Japan?

          Another observation I’ve made comparing many nations and states DNC’s and DND’s is that the DNC’s always fails Benford’s Law but the DND’s never do. And, the DND’s are a mere fraction of a percent of the DNC’s. Japan’s is 0.7% and Sweden’s is 0.2%.

          The CDC data for the age group 0-17, birth through High School, shows that over the last 20 months, since Jan, 2020, a TOTAL of only 439 kids in that age group have died of covid. Most kids in that group, if they get infected, are asymptomatic. Fauci stated that asymptomatic carriers are not drivers of pandemics. So why is there a rush to give kids a vaccine that is given kids, especially males, heart problems.

          When I was in grad school, and when I taught anatomy&physiology and microbiolgy in college, it was accepted wisdom that masks didn’t work and that once a person experiences a viral infection their igG and T cell immunity lasted for a lifetime, and most vaccine immunity lasted at least 10 years. The CDC, for example, completed a study of all the RCT studies of mask efficay published from 1946 to October of 2018. The CDC concluded that masks do NOT work to filter virons and will not protect the wearer from nearby people or people from the wearer of the mask. The CDC cited the 10 best studies to support their position. Facui stated the same thing more than once, the last time in a TV interview on 60 Minutes. A week later, both the CDC and Fauci reversed their mask statements without the support of any recently published RCT papers refuting 70 years of research. Spured on by the media, they reversed for political reasons. Thus, they put the science of virology into the Lysenkoism catagory. Shame on them!

    • Petit_Barde says:

      Indeed, vaccines (at least the Pfizer one) do not contribute to herd immunity :

      In this google spreadsheet, Pierre Chaillot (a French statistician) shows that when the green pass was not mandated in Israel (from mid June to the end of July), there were no significant differences between the % of fully vaccinated tested positive and the % of fully vaccinated among the population.

      The spread sheet name is : “Cas-vaccination”
      Go to the lines 416 (“différence entre taux de cas positifs et taux de vaccination” traduction : difference between % of positive cases and % of vaccination) to 453 where the differences are presented by age class and week.

      Thus, all the green pass mandate clown show is just a completely idiotic punishment of the population by psychopaths who, by imposing it, may even endanger the vulnerables.

  2. Scarface says:

    I found this article yesterday: it’s from 2005

    Caution raised over SARS vaccine

    A cautionary note has been sounded for those developing vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Some vaccines could prove useless against certain strains, or even worsen the infection, a preliminary study suggests.
    In lab experiments, they showed that these antibodies were unable to attack spike protein from a different strain of SARS, isolated from a patient infected in late 2003.

    The team next tested whether the antibodies would attack spike proteins from two SARS strains isolated from civets, from which the virus is thought to have originally jumped into humans. In this case, they found hints that the antibodies actually boosted the ability of the virus to infect cells. The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science1.

    Vaccines against Covid (SARS-CoV-2) may have the same problem. We could be in for a very rough ride this fall and winter.

  3. Ronald Morris says:

    some of this is stunning to me. There are published scientific studies showing mass vaccinations create variants that are resistant to vaccines for the same reason bacteria overcome anti biotics. with the mRNA jab, the concoction creates the virus inside of the human. the vaccinated at some level are walking diseased persons. Yes? No? Well let’s observe. All around the world we are seeing the most vaccinated countries having these spikes. I know for causation it requires a ton of peer reviewed challenges but the correlation is certainly there. But the mockingbird media tells folks to look the other way and they do.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I, unfortunately, am skeptical of scientific studies. Too many are politically driven and too many are poorly executed, and still others are poorly understood, and the rest are incorrectly reported by the media.

  4. Timo, Not That One says:

    The problem here is that this whole sh*t show, I mean covid response, is being directed by the corrupt news media, not by doctors, virologists, or other such science based experts.
    Had we listened to these actual experts, there would have been no visible response at all. There also would have been no noticeable deaths, beyond the normal deaths of the old and the infirm.
    The news media is driven by increased viewership. That’s why they peddle this “panic porn”.

  5. Kent Clizbe says:

    “”Life Has Not Improved By As Much As We Hoped” – Singapore Outbreak Worsens With 80% Vaccinated”

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      It sounds like the issue is not the COVID, but the government. Maybe it’s time for many of these governments to have a reset. The problem is that the Marxists are experts at jumping in and taking control of resets.

  6. Robert L. Gipson says:

    This is how they’ll do it. To justify mandatory jabs, they resort to blatant fraud:

    They’re calling vaccinated deaths “unvaccinated deaths.”

    Mercola’s article is accurate. I’ve had first-hand confirmations, from friends and professionals, that this deliberate mislabeling is being carried out widely.

  7. Dr Roger Higgs says:

    >There also would have been no noticeable deaths, beyond the normal deaths of the old and the infirm.

    There weren’t. This was written last May …

    Yet still the sheeple line up for the ‘vaccine’.

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