“Wildfires Supercharged By Climate Change”

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3 Responses to “Wildfires Supercharged By Climate Change”

  1. Stuart Hamish says:

    Another marvelous presentation Tony ..Joe Biden would have us believe wildfires are ” supercharged by climate change ” yet they are a ‘weather thing ” …He is seriously confused . Even the politicized science agencies distinguish weather from climate and make no mistake – the Orwellian deletion of the United States fire history from government websites is a “Democrat thing ” .. That an estimated 145 million acres of the United States burned annually during the pre- industrial Little Ice Age [ 1500 – 1800 ] amounting to a 95% higher rate than the modern era , is such an embarrassing counter -factual that the incriminating document was expunged from the National Inter- Agency Fire Center Website …..Australia’s record fire season was 1974 – 75 at the height of the 1970’s global cooling scare when 117 million hectares [ France and the Iberian Peninsula combined ] of the continent were incinerated by fires after years of high rainfall turned the bush and grasslands into a summer tinderbox … The 2019 – 20 ‘Black Summer ” devastation was only a quarter of that figure ..And of course NASA Observatory’s very own satellite data attests that burned area has decreased globally by 24% this century as temperatures warmed … So much for the ‘supercharging ‘ effect of global warming ….Don’t believe the hype

  2. Richard says:

    the Dems will say ANYTHING to tax us for Carbon so they can start more liberal programs like national Transgender bathrooms in every public building school and business

  3. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    Abraham Lincoln said ” A country with no regard for its past, will do little worth remembering in the future.” How prophetic!

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