Dramatic Climate Change During The 1990s

During the Al Gore geologic episode of the 1990s, many key government climate graphs changed dramatically.

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3 Responses to Dramatic Climate Change During The 1990s

  1. Sean says:

    Google is not really censoring it are they? They just said that they would not run ads. Ad free skeptic videos might be quite popular with your audience.

    • Willybillybob says:

      Not sure these would be skeptic videos, which would imply something reasonable was being disbelieved. They are videos which document that somethings commonly believed have scant fundamental data supporting them. The only skepticism is regarding the intellectual competence of the most people.

  2. Robert Rust says:

    Thank goodness for brilliant, dependable, honest, integrious men such as Tony Heller, giving humanity a better name, face, and reputation, to impress and inspire others to be and do the same.

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