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Our media news sources take $30 billion per year from pharmaceutical companies to promote their products, and also act as independent fact checkers about pharmaceutical company product claims.

US medical marketing reaches $30 billion, drug ads top surge

Warren Buffet invests heavily in pharmaceutical companies because they have a government mandated monopoly, and have been granted exemption from liability by the US government.

“vaccine manufacturers in the U.S. are completely immune from lawsuits. Back in the 1980s several bad batches of vaccines injured so many children that the resulting successful lawsuits threatened to bankrupt the manufacturers, so the manufacturers lobbied a bill through Congress making them a protected class.” The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio: Warren Buffett Stock Picks: Why and When He Is Investing in Them eBook : Buffett, Mary, Clark, David: Kindle Store

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10 Responses to Independent Fact Checkers

  1. apish says:

    Checked fact: Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination –

    For people who do not belong to at least one risk group, getting the “vaccine” is unnecessary in principle, as well as useless, and hazardous.
    For those who belong to one or more risk group, getting the “vaccine” is potentially necessary but practically useless, and it is hazardous.

    A simple Risk to Benefit analysis shows that the COVID19 vaccines do not really benefit the public, they cause serious adverse reactions even in the short term, including death, and they involve a big risk to mankind in the medium and long term.

    So far, the way governments and health authorities have dealt with this virus is the biggest failure in the history of public health and medicine, and it has become a political crisis across the western world.
    If what many top experts such Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate Professor Luc Montagnier (co-discoverer of the HIV virus) predict turns out to be true, namely that one of the adverse effects of these “vaccines” is to have the patients acquire immune deficiency in the long term, these “vaccination” policies are potentially the biggest failure of our species, ever. Bigger than all wars and all other medical failures combined, since billions of us have been treated with these deficient products, including children.

    • GWS says:

      If “immune deficiency” isn’t the intention it is certainly the outcome. Thanks to modern medicine more unhealthy people are alive today and reproducing more unhealthy people than ever before in history, and Covid-19, like every other novel virus that comes along, is taking its toll on them. Vaccines may save you this time, but your own immune system always takes a hit.

      • Zacbal says:

        I believe the facts in this matter are nuanced –
        Most of the increase in longevity was the result of the Agricultural Revolution that started in Europe in the 18th century. Simply, with better crop yields, most people suffered less hunger, and they could better resist cold and illness, so they lived longer, in average. Newborn babies had a better chance of surviving, and the population started to increase considerably.
        Later, with the Industrial Revolution that began in Europe and America in the 19th century, increased production of goods, improvements in transportation, storage and distribution, as well improved housing conditions (including heating with coal) allowed for better hygienic conditions, which helped people stay healthy and fight disease.
        In the mid 20th century, Penicillin and other antibiotics were a major contributor to another increase in longevity, and let’s not forget that most vaccines that survive long years of rigorous testing help keep people healthy, and increase their lifespan.

        However, in recent years, we can observe a decrease in longevity in the US, for the first time since the early 20th century, namely the 1918-20 flu pandemic, which was a real pandemic, unlike COVID19. This decline comes despite the fact that medicine in this country is considered to be the most advanced, worldwide, and the per capita medical expenditure here is the highest in the world.

        Arguably, it is a failure of modern medicine as well as a failure of the US healthcare system, and unfortunately, it is not the only failure, so far.
        If the COVID19 vaccine-skeptical experts (the list is very long and very impressive) turn out to be correct about the magnitude of long term adverse effects of these pseudo vaccines, longevity will not maintain its slow decline, and instead it will collapse.

    • Chris says:

      It’s not a failure because no one is actually optimizing for health. People in power are optimizing for profit and control ( and some politicians are just optimizing for brownie points from the public to get re-elected). And in that sense this whole ordeal is a massive success on all fronts. Only the unsuspecting masses believe it’s about health which is how they all go along with this. It’s just awful to watch.

  2. arn says:

    That corpocracy is 100% communism(and vice versa)

    Kill people with your philanthropy,then simply adjust the law to avoid accountability and to keep on killing.
    And the next level is to force people to take the poison and pay for it.
    (as families of executed victims in china were forced to pay for the execution bullets)

    A certain group of people has perfected its skills to turn corrupt any system for the people against the people and to weaponise everything.

  3. nobler says:

    If the manufacturers of the so-called vaccines were liable for anything, there would be no jab to force on us. Karl Denninger points out ( that if Sleepy Joe continues with these vax mandates, Big Pharma won’t be liable, the government won’t be liable, but the employers will be. No protection for the businesses. This is either unforeseen, or part of the socialist plan.

  4. Steve says:

    You know how I can tell the fact checkers are wrong? They never interview Tony Heller. Never!

  5. rah says:

    First it was: The virus is natural and there is no way it could have escaped from a lab and if you say it did then your a conspiracy theorist
    Then it was: It could have escaped from a lab. We don’t know but we absolutely did not fund gain of function research at Wuhan.
    Now it will be: We didn’t know we were funding gain of function research at Wuhan.
    And on and on this clown show goes and we already know that NOBODY will be held accountable for any of it.

    And now this trucker has to go to bed because at 03:00 tomorrow I will be hitting the road and will not get back until after 13:00 tomorrow. But Saturday I am going to the range and blow some targets to hell and I will be seeing several different faces on those targets when I do so. I wear glasses now, but I can still shoot a 3 shot group at 300 meters that can be covered by a nickel.

  6. G-man says:

    So, back when they shoved the “affordable health care act” up our ass. United Health stock did a 10X during the Obama administration years. This is the same criminals running this administration as then. As stated, in the article, a LOT of money being pumped into these companies. Consider GSK stock for long term investment.

  7. very impressed says:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr. Says 70% Of News Advertising Revenue Comes From Big Pharma –

    How foolish it would be to think that corporate media can stray from the narrative that big pharma impose on them…

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