Interpreting Fact Checkers

7:23 PM · Oct 11, 2021

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5 Responses to Interpreting Fact Checkers

  1. Laurie says:

    Somebody might explain what ‘breakthrough’ in ‘breathrough COVID cases’ means, particularly given the problematic (misleading) comparison with earlier ‘cases’.

  2. It is curious how the ‘fact checkers’ are so selective of the subjects they deal with. No ‘fact checking’ of flat earth, zero point energy, reactionless drives, but challenge the holy mantras of leftist dogma, and you immediately fall foul of the Holy See of the Inquisition.

  3. D. Boss says:

    Fact checkers are simply criminal co conspirators. Once the full scope of this huge fraud has been illuminated – a lot of people in high and low places are going to jail, or worse….

    See this from a Pfizer whistleblower:

    “Pfizer studies show that being unvaccinated offers greater protection”

    A briefing document from meeting of FDA’s advisory committee shows people who receive the shot are 300% more likely to get COVID than those that do not get the shot! So the shot makes the plandemic worse! (from Pfizer’s own clinical data presented in this brief)

  4. Joe says:

    If, as shown, the vaccines do not reduce viral load, then by logical progression, the vaccines do absolutely nothing to check the proliferation of the virus in vivo… in other words, they are useless.

    Worse than useless, actually… the spike protein is pathogenic on its own. The injection (and soon the constant injections at set intervals) sets the body up to be so busy producing spike protein, and the immune system so busy attacking the spike proteins, and the body repairing the damage done by the immune system attacks, that the immune system doesn’t have the resources to handle external threats. That’s why one study showed the double-vaxxed have immune system function suppressed by an average of ~34%.

    On top of that, the spike protein preferentially attaches to the vascular system. The immune system attacks damage the heart and blood vessels (which is why the double-vaxxed have a 71 times higher risk of heart attack than the unvaccinated), causing the body to release clotting factor so the blood vessels don’t leak. These microclots are ‘sticky’ and can aggregate together, blocking bloodflow to organs, leading to stroke or organ failure (which is why the double-vaxxed have a 9 times higher risk of clots and (IIRC… I’m not in front of my data at the moment) 112 times higher risk of stoke).

    On top of all that, the vaccines are forcing viral mutation… I encourage you to study on Marek’s Disease… a disease that killed ~1% of infected chickens until a ‘leaky’ vaccine was developed that forced rapid viral mutation. It now kills 100% of infected chickens. The Covid19 vaccines are ‘leaky’, as well.

    The new ‘Covid pill’? It’s a mutagenic, designed to force the virus to mutate even faster in hopes that all the mutation will kill it. It also mutates your own DNA, which I’m fairly certain will lead the birth defects (mutated DNA in germline cells) and cancers the likes of which we’ve never seen.

    THE ONLY WAY IS THROUGH. I’ve been saying this from the start. Let the young and healthy develop natural immunity, let the frail and elderly protect themselves via isolation, masking and prophylactic treatment. Once the majority of society has natural immunity, the vectors for transmission won’t be there, better protecting the frail and elderly.

    What we’re doing now is empowering totalitarians, and enriching pharmaceutical companies and hospitals while making the problem worse. Hospitals literally get paid more by allowing you to die from the virus than they do from healing you, which is why hospitals withhold Ivermectin (a controlled trial on the NIH website shows for 12 mg/day administration of Ivermectin over a 5 day treatment course, Covid19 viral RNA was reduced 5000-fold after just 48 hours) while using Remdesivir (a drug found to be useless for pretty much everything, resurrected for Covid19 to earn the pharmaceutical manufacturer some money) and intubation (which destroys your lungs), and why if you stay home and self-treat with a Ziverdo Kit pack, your risk of dying from the virus is far less than 1%, whereas if you enter the hospital to get treatment for the virus, your risk of dying from the virus is 54%. Now we’ve got a hospital that literally was telling people that part of their protocol in ‘treating’ Covid19 was to put a plastic bag over the patient’s head (and they charge out the wazoo for the plastic bag, to boot)… that’s a good thing to do for people who are hypoxic already because of the virus, right? The hospitals mean to kill you to earn a larger profit.

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