Late Halloween Costume Ideas

Traditionally many people wore masks for Halloween, but now it is much scarier for Democrats if you aren’t wearing a mask.

In some places you can get arrested for not wearing a mask into a bank.

But if you really want to scare people tonight, I suggest dressing up as one of these three real-life ghouls.

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6 Responses to Late Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Mahatmat says:

    Tony – you are certainly not alone fighting evil. I thought I was, until I understood most people just avoid acting until it is absolutely necessary. Keep on working!

    • Linda says:

      I’d agree, except history proves that people DON’T act when it’s absolutely necessary, they act when it’s too late.
      All the big trials and enquiries, like Nuremberg, happen AFTER the events.

  2. Laurie says:

    Truly terrifying – call the exorcist.

    Just the same, happy Hallowe’en, y’all.

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