Seth’s Nature Trick

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  1. arn says:

    I’m pretty sure that most of the current forest fire increase is result of systematic sabot….
    deliberate poor forest fire management to increase the fuel load.

    But it’ s interesting to know that they were not able to transfer burned acreage data prior to 1983 (the last 4 years of the global cooling scare seem to be a preferred starting point for AGW scammers)
    I wonder how they were able to draw maps or get satellite data about troop movements,secret military bases even about invisible gases as ozone and even blame cfc’s for the ozone hole before 1983 –
    but one of the most basic and primitive measurements became too much for climate science fiction,so they declared the pre marxist data invalid and haram.

    I guess these guys became overconfident since they got away with the claim that old thermometer data is useless because people were too stupid and thermometers too inaccurate and now they use this trick wherever they need it.

  2. Anon says:

    It is all going according to plan:

    Emerging World Hands Dems A “$750 Billion Bill” For Climate Change Ahead Of Glasgow Summit

    While the EU’s leading unelected bureaucrats continue to play footsie with the Kremlin while energy prices soar and EU member states reckon with the prospect of a very cold winter, the Wall Street Journal has just taken the time to remind us why the far-left Democrats’ progressive “Green New Deal” climate rhetoric is all but destined to fail. And they did it with a portrayal of John Kerry’s uncomfortable silence after being confronted with the price tag for the Democrats’ green energy aspirations not at home, but abroad.

    COP26 is all going according to plan:

    Xi & Putin are no shows, they can’t even raise $100 billion per year and need $750 billion, the Green New Deal looks to be dead in the Senate thanks to a WV Senator…

  3. GWS says:

    What in the hell are they going to say if they don’t lie?

  4. The Chinese are fully aware that AGW is nonsense, based on the sort of ‘science’ on which perpetual motion machines and reactionless drives allegedly work. Pump too much money into a subject and it regresses to the lowest common denominator in a bloated population of academics. Consensus displaces excellence, so the bias is towards the dumbest. This is why I tend to view a PhD in climate science to be about impressive as one in gender studies.

  5. Louis Gatto says:

    Thank you Tony, spot on as usual.

  6. Steen Højrup says:

    In danish TV this evening (1/11) a meteorologist and leading climate spokeswoman claimed: “We all have to go in the same direction, and those who cannot, have to be helped for the benefit of ALL of us”. It reminded me of the propaganda in Eastern Germany, while travelling there on a study trip in 1983. The streets were full of red banners, praising bigger work efforts ” im Karl Marx Jahr 1983″. They were marking the death of Karl Marx in 1883. Six years later marxism died in the DDR, but globalists and politicians are apparently dreaming of reviwing it on a global basis with journalists and meteorologists and usefull idiots.

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