Republicans To Save The Climate

Republicans continue their long-standing strategy of being slightly less stupid followers of the Democrats.

‘We’re Off Track’: Here’s How Republicans Plan To Move The Needle On Climate Change | The Daily Caller

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9 Responses to Republicans To Save The Climate

  1. Sigh. This frustration dates back to 1980. They should read “The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear” by Petr Beckmann. For dessert, “Common Sense in Nuclear Energy,” by Fred and Geoffrey Hoyle.

  2. rah says:

    This supply chain failure goes back to climate change BS from California. New emissions standards for big trucks instituted by the State of California and approved by the EOS disqualifies a huge number of trucks from picking up containers from the ports and the ports are running out of space to stack them. As usual the media and Biden are lying about the real cause of the problems and CA is going to make it even worse by mandating that all truck drivers picking up or delivering in the state must have a “vaccine passport”.

  3. rah says:

    EPA not EOS. Fat fingers on phone. Sorry.

  4. The argument is one of maintaining popularity, not whether there is any science behind the nonsense.

    I suspect the majority of the public have heard the cry of ‘wolf’ so often that they are in a state of indifference and apathy. This will transform into anger when their lives get disrupted by environmental protesters and escalating energy prices, and they will lose patience with the quacks and talking heads of a bought and paid for mainstream media.

  5. arn says:

    There is no real difference between facebook,google,twitter.
    Same goes with the political parties.

  6. Francis Barnett says:

    The forthcoming COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow Scotland UK is compromised before it starts, it will be of zero value to anybody except the greenwash businesses that thrive on climate scaremongering.
    Unbelievably, the nuclear industry has been banned from attending or exhibiting on the grounds that it would offend the environmentalists.

  7. Charlotte Welcker says:

    The Democrats are destroying this country as fast as they can, like a chaotic race to hell. The Republicans are doing it slow and steady.

    On a different note, PLEASE everyone go follow Tony on . Gab is the last stand when it comes to free speech.

    • John Sutcliffe says:

      Charlotte, the same thing is happening in Australia, Labor (Democrats) are attempting to destroy the country rapidly while the Liberals (Republicans) are doing it slowly.

  8. Jack Shit says:

    Keep yuri’s ideological concepts in mind as to the process.

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