Understanding The COVID Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting infected, but may motivate you to get infected – so that you can develop some real immunity.

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Vaccinated adults in the UK are more likely to get infected than unvaccinated people.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 40

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14 Responses to Understanding The COVID Vaccine

  1. Margaret Smith says:

    That is an interesting take on the vaccine. I would like to get covid for just that reason (immunity) and have been back to normal for months and never observed any lockdown. I am in my 70s and unafraid as life is for living (especially at my age).

  2. GWS says:

    I think they are finally going to the next level, which is the first level, letting your immune system do its job. 98% recovery rate. Flu like symptoms. If you’re healthy it should be no problem, and that’s what is proving to be. Death is nothing to be afraid of anyway.

  3. Anon says:

    Next up will be injecting everyone with the virus???

    BTW: This is really stupid, because the more vaccinated people you expose to the virus, the more likely there will be a mutant.

  4. James McDowell says:

    Can’t access your videos on Newtube. Is this innocent, temporary or are they trying to censor you?

  5. Richard says:

    Vaccines have helped save Millions of lives since 1950’s, its not the end of the world to get them or wear a mask

    • PhilH says:

      Fair enough if that’s your choice. The police in Melbourne disagree with people who disagreed with that choice

    • Randy Ice PT, CCS says:

      Show me one double blind, placebo controlled published study showing ANY vaccine is
      safe and effective over the last 70 years.

      You cannot as they do not exist.

      Enjoy your brainwashed life, and while your at it…….go get the Covid19 jab and see how you fare.

  6. MGJ says:

    The data seems to be all over the place when comparing infection rates between the ‘vaccinated’ and the rest.

    Partly because you’d expect the more at-risk people to be vaccinated but then there’s the rather enormous confounder that you are only classified as ‘vaccinated’ 2 weeks after you get the jab, so not only does any infection not get counted but it goes into the wrong column.

    I am inclined to conclude that being vaccinated or not is a very long way down the list of steps one might take to avoid infection.

  7. prags says:

    One of JP Sears best comedy videos on this subject: https://youtu.be/GukIoZ8d3Ew

  8. saveenergy says:

    I could enjoy catching Covid from her !!!
    A nice way to get immunity … or a nice way to go !!

  9. Timo, Not That One says:

    Moving goal posts.
    The mRNA jab will prevent infection.
    The mRNA jab won’t prevent infection, or prevent spread, but it will make symptoms milder.
    The mRNA jab will make you more likely to catch Cov-19 from somebody who hasn’t had the jab.
    Now the mRNA jab will make you want to catch Cov-19 so you can actually become immune.
    Only problem is that the mRNA jab already weakened your immune system, so you are more likely to die when you try this experiment, but it’s OK. The TV says it’s “safe”.

  10. A Mad Idea (I recently wrote this to members of a group I belong to)
    As many of you know, I was once instructed in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare as a part of my senior officer training. The subject of our study was the Common Cold and we were told that one of a number of reasons for looking at animal-borne viruses was in the hope that there might be a virus for common colds that would be analogous to the inoculant cowpox vis-a-vis smallpox. All attempts to develop a vaccine for the common cold had proven fruitless. One of the reasons for this was that vaccination was not enduring. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a Corona virus in an animal which was relatively benign to medically fit humans and which would confer on infected persons a broad and enduring immunity/resistance against Corona Virus infections?

    Fast forward 30 years to the present day and we now have a Corona virus where, if there is expeditious treatment with a range of therapeutics, this disease poses virtually no risk to medically fit persons; especially the young. Having an above average level of Vitamin D and Zinc in one’s blood further reduces the probability of an adverse outcome. We also now suspect that persons who have suffered a COVID-19 illness and recovered have broad and enduring immunity to similar Corona viruses.

    I was talking to Dr Robert Brennan (Robert has been deregistered for allegedly advocating early treatment and therapeutics that have been proven to be highly effective in curing COVID-19) today and I suggested to Robert that maybe we have this all wrong and maybe we should be squirting an atomised saline solution laced with COVID-19 up every qualifying person’s nose in order to deliberately infect them with COVID-19 and then administer therapeutics, monitoring their health, until they recovered. On the basis of what we know, recovery would take around 2 days with the virus completely gone by 5 to 7 days at the outside.

    We mulled over the way that the cause and the cure of stomach ulcers was arrived at where those Australian researchers deliberately infected themselves and then cured themselves. Robert then posited, “What if we had 50 volunteers who were deliberately infected with COVID-19 and then treated with therapeutics according to an agreed protocol and all did well under that regimen. Would that not be an attention-grabbing demonstration and put to rest with finality any question as to the usefulness of therapeutics?”

    I did say, “qualifying person” deliberately. By this I mean a person who is blood-tested to ensure their Vitamin D and Zinc levels are above normal before they are infected. Keeping these levels up to or above normal is part of the total, recommended protocol so this does not constitute “cheating”. Diabetics or those persons with a higher than normal blood sugar level/metabolic syndrome are not invited to this “party”.

    I would happily volunteer for such an experiment if it would put an end to this vaccine madness and force government medical authorities to acknowledge the value of early treatment with those therapeutics which have proven to be useful in the treatment of COVID-19. It would save a huge number of lives and end this dreadful misery.

    What do you think?
    Kevin Loughrey LtCol(Ret’d)
    Mobile: +61 416 276 624

  11. Jack Shit says:

    Heard an apt ‘taking the piss’ on vaccine immunity recently – ‘ the only people that actually have immunity are the vaccine companies’ 🤣😳

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