The 2021 Ice Age

Fifty years ago today, the LA Times announced the new ice age.  NASA said it would come in 50-60 years.

24 Oct 1971, 37 – The Los Angeles Times at

h/t/ Don Penim

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

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5 Responses to The 2021 Ice Age

  1. Lynette Ackermann says:

    Valentina Zharkova, a solar mathematician, confirmed that we are experiencing a mini Ice Age that will last 11 years, which is part of a normal cycle (in around 1795, people skated on the Thames).

  2. Cairo was Evacuated & population & Royalty moved to Luxor +- 3,500 years ago due to Mini Ice Age,,,, Here’s Hoping?
    DC Swamp underwater & “Experts” float away? Drowning in Tax Cash with Warming Blabber Bungle….

    As a Certified Ski Nut I would Love to ski the streets of London !

  3. The mini ice age is here now as we predicted in 2015…
    and later explained in the paper
    More information can be found on my webpage stated below.

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