Twice As Fast

Climate experts say that every place on earth is warming twice as fast as everyplace else, and that time began forty years ago.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi Tony,
    This is the weather statistics for Tromsø in 1922. There is no sign of high temperatures that year in Tromsø – what could be the reason for this discrepancy?

  2. NElogger says:

    Great video! :)
    Another logical fallacy that the alarmist media and fraudulent alarmist scientists like to use: “Recent record temperatures not seen in over [x] decades!”. One wonders how this kind of information is supposed to prove “Global Warming”, when all it shows is that climatic phenomena are cyclical.
    And there is the classic “Record cold caused by Global Warming”, etc…
    (sigh) Pure madness.

  3. arn says:

    Imaginary Warming squared is a hell lot of theoretical heat.
    The perpetuum mobile of data adjustment.

    But some people may get a little bit curious,as the chance to get
    exactly 100% more warming than – whatever the reference number is -should be at best around 1:10 as anything is possible.
    2.0 should therefore be the exception,not the rule.

    The reason why we get those convenient numbers?
    Round numbers and buzzwords are easy to memorize , just like Alliterations (Fridays for Future,Build Back Better),therefore much more useful in terms of mantra-indoctrination.

    Another interesting thing about this kind of science is.
    For every region X that is warming twice as fast there has to be a region Y that isn’t warming at all(or significantly slower depending on difference in size),
    otherwise it would be impossible to have an average reference temperature.
    But for some reason there are no regions to be found in the headlines that don’t get warmer or have a warming thats significantly below average.

    • Rory Forbes says:

      The whole notion of an “average temperature” is silly. Each climatic zone is unique so averaging them is no more valuable like averaging street addresses.

  4. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Hey Tony, you forgot Africa. “Over 100 million people in Africa threatened by climate change. WMO report warns 1.3 billion people remain ‘extremely vulnerable’ as the continent warms more and at a faster rate than global average.”

    Northern Canada warming at three times the global rate, report finds.

    Singapore is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world.

  5. rah says:

    Meanwhile Mammoth Mountain Ski resort will be opening it’s slopes on the 26th of this month. Only the 10th time in it’s history it has opened in October. Pretty darn good for an industry that multiple “experts” said would be dead and gone due to climate change by now.

  6. nobler says:

    Loved that line, “every place on earth is warming twice as fast as everyplace else.” Sounds like a chain reaction. Or worse yet, recursion.

  7. Donald Jassowski says:


    Not really. It will have the same effect on humans as moving from San Francisco to Oklahoma City, or from Boston to New York—a 2°C increase in average yearly temperature. The data at

    show the average yearly high and low temperatures for 51 larger US cities. Their yearly average temperature is 15°C (Nashville, Tn and Richmond Va.); they range from a high of 25°C (Miami, Fl) to a low of 8°C (Minneapolis, Mn). These data should be a subset of the global temperatures used in climate change modeling, but limited to some cities in the US. Temperature is temperature; at least in the US people apparently can live, by choice in most cases, over a temperature range of 17°C.
    So, when the models show only a 2°C temperature change, this has to be “catastrophic”. You have been fooled to think it is, or the funding goes away.

  8. Anon says:


    Your intro was HILARIOUS !!! You should think about doing 5 to 10, two minute videos like this, with just ridiculous headlines. I bet you could get at least one of them to go viral. And if one does, the rest will also. I know your videos are super serious, but it may be time to switch to outright mockery? That seems to be behind the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme.

    As a suggestion, climate adjustments might be a candidate for this approach?

    Global warming ‘pause’ caused by glitch in data

    Major correction to satellite data shows 140% faster warming since 1998

    Ocean temperature data shows warming is accelerating faster than we thought

    Heat on Bureau of Meteorology over data records rewrite

    The Bureau of Meteorology has rewritten Australia’s temperature records for the second time in six years, greatly increasing the rate of warming.

    HadCRUT5 shows 14% more global warming since 1850 than HadCRUT4

    The Oceans Are Heating Up Faster Than Expected

    Is there any dataset out there that has not been adjusted?

    Anyway, thanks again for the laugh !!!

  9. ROBERT A GRISE says:

    I live in Minnesota and we have a large lake here just west of the twin cities called Lake Minnetonka. The ice out date history on Lake Minnetonka goes way back into the 1800s and I can confirm what Tony told us in this video that 1878 they’re essentially was no winter and that is the earliest recorded date of the ice melting in Lake Minnetonka Minnesota. Interesting enough only a couple years ago Lake Minnetonka had tied their latest ice out date. It was in the middle of May. And I’m convinced that they would have broke the record if it wasn’t for the invention of the Powerboat. Property owners on Lake Minnetonka boat on the lake and they can’t do that if it’s full of ice so they would take their boats out surrounding what’s left of the ice and create these huge wakes which would break up the ice. Without the power boats Lake Minnetonka would have set an all-time latest ice out date only a couple years ago…. In my opinion

  10. Stuart Hamish says:

    Another splendid video Tony .. The positive phases [ and thus warmer SST’s ] of the AMO and the Pacific Multidecadal Oscillation [ PMO ] converged during the 1920’s and 40’s , accelerating Arctic warm temperatures , glacial retraction and sea ice loss …..Arctic sea ice variation does not just track the AMO . See Figure 4 in this article with a consideration of perhaps including the graphs in a future presentation : ” The Early 20th Century Warming : Anomalies Causes and Consequences ” , Hegerl et al 2018 , Wiley , Wires Climate Change.

    Furthermore , there was also a relative lull in high sulphate aerosol volcanic eruptions between Katmai 1912 and Mount Agung 1963/64 that must have contributed to rising temperatures and extraordinary bursts of solar activity in 1921 : sunspot maxima and the May 13 – 15 geomagnetic storm that may have rivalled the 1859 Carrington Event setting telegraph stations aflame and igniting other electrical node fires in the United States and Europe . These factors go some way to explaining why the Arctic warmed and melted at a 50% faster rate between 1920 – 30 compared to the period 1995 – 2005 .. The years 1876 – 78 were indeed abnormally warm [ once again higher Pacific SST’s coinciding with the positive AMO ] The global droughts and famine during 1876 – 78 caused the deaths of 19 – 40 million people worldwide ..

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