The 2021 Ice Age

Fifty years ago today, the LA Times announced the new ice age.  NASA said it would come in 50-60 years.

24 Oct 1971, 37 – The Los Angeles Times at

h/t/ Don Penim

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

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6 Responses to The 2021 Ice Age

  1. Lynette Ackermann says:

    Valentina Zharkova, a solar mathematician, confirmed that we are experiencing a mini Ice Age that will last 11 years, which is part of a normal cycle (in around 1795, people skated on the Thames).

  2. Cairo was Evacuated & population & Royalty moved to Luxor +- 3,500 years ago due to Mini Ice Age,,,, Here’s Hoping?
    DC Swamp underwater & “Experts” float away? Drowning in Tax Cash with Warming Blabber Bungle….

    As a Certified Ski Nut I would Love to ski the streets of London !

  3. The mini ice age is here now as we predicted in 2015…
    and later explained in the paper
    More information can be found on my webpage stated below.

  4. John Christopher Ragozzino says:

    Dr Zharakova, I want to thank you for your excellent work with the sun and it’s solar cycles. I think you will soon begin to receive the recognition you deserve, as record low tempertures envelope the earth. John Ragozzino

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