“The Grandmother Of All Health Threats”

“it is the grandmother of all health threats. COVID and climate change are compounding each other “

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9 Responses to “The Grandmother Of All Health Threats”

  1. gregole says:

    They are compounding poor governance – MannMade Climate change is a completely fabulated non-problem and Covid was probably cooked up in a Chinese lab with US sponsorship and support – real motivation is about all we really don’t know about. I can’t help but wonder how much money social security has saved by killing off so many of the elderly.

    MannMade Climate change is simple a scam for the rich and powerful to rip off common people even more than they already do.

  2. GWS says:

    Yes, Health and Safety are our new Gods.
    Who could say no?
    Prepare for the tyranny ahead.

    • Vegieman says:

      “The totalitarian novel (e.g. George Orwell’s 1984, Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength) is a relatively new genre. In fact, the word “totalitarian” did not exist before the 20th century. The older word for the worst possible form of government is “tyranny”—a word Aristotle defined as the rule of one person, or of a small group of people, in their own interests and according to their will. Totalitarianism was unknown to Aristotle, because it is a form of government that only became possible after the emergence of modern science and technology.

      The old word “science” comes from a Latin word meaning “to know.” The new word “technology” comes from a Greek word meaning “to make.” The transition from traditional to modern science means that we are not so much seeking to know when we study nature as seeking to make things—and ultimately, to remake nature itself. That spirit of remaking nature—including human nature—greatly emboldens both human beings and governments. Imbued with that spirit, and employing the tools of modern science, totalitarianism is a form of government that reaches farther than tyranny and attempts to control the totality of things.”

      Larry P. Arnn
      President, Hillsdale College

  3. arn says:

    Finally they are tying together what belongs to the same agenda and was made up for the same cause – probably many years ago.
    We may see that,just as with Fascbook,Goolag,etc, there is no real difference between WHO ,IPCC,IMF or IPCC .

  4. Richard says:

    yeah when they tell you its about Global warming, cooling, change, vortex, dread, end of days its ALWAYS about $$$$$$$$$$$ & POWER

    like the current democrats they are capitalists- they want the Capital we get the IST

  5. Ingvar T says:

    From Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburg:

    “from a forecasting perspective, the ‘problem’ is not only that all of the expired forecasts were wrong, but also that so many of them never admitted to any uncertainty about the date. About 43% of the forecasts in our dataset made no mention of uncertainty.”


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