The Nobel Prize In Climate

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15 Responses to The Nobel Prize In Climate

  1. arn says:

    So the nobel prize exists for the same reasons as those billionaire foundations.

    Seems Mr Nobel invented corporate propaganda 13 years before the Rockefellers Standard Oil and Ivy Lee did.

  2. Martin says:

    Alfred Nobel’s wife had no affair, because he never married.
    His long-term lover Sofie Hess became pregnat from a different man, however not a geologist but a Hungarian cavalry officer.

  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Manabe won the Nobel Prize for his thought experiment in 1967, which forms the basis of all climate modelling.

    Manabe’s (1967) thought experiment has the following flaws:

    1. For the isothermal, no greenhouse gas, atmosphere (that is, no water or carbon dioxide), he assumes clouds form identically to clouds in the present day atmosphere. That is impossible since clouds consist of water vapor.
    2. For the isothermal, no greenhouse gas, atmosphere, he assumes clouds form even though the atmosphere has no convection. That is impossible since cloud formation only occurs because of convection.
    3. He assumes the atmosphere is isothermal from equator to the poles.
    4. He assumes the atmosphere is isothermal from summer to winter.
    5. He assumes the atmosphere is isothermal from day to night.

    Since all of these five assumptions are false, the theory that increased carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic warming is also false. In fact, his crazy thought experiment leads to a large over-estimation of warming due to increased carbon dioxide.

    • So the troposphere lapse rate is an illusion, as are the Hadley, Ferrel and Polar circulation cells. How could anybody who calls themselves a scientist of any description take this garbage seriously?

      • Glenn Shadrake says:

        The lapse rate is not a fundamental law of physics. It is a measure of the effect of fundamental processes. In the troposphere there is vertical convection. As gas rises, it gains potential energy and loses kinetic energy (cools). In the tropopause there is almost no vertical convection, so the lapse rate is close to zero. In the stratosphere, temperature rises with altitude as energy is primarily being absorbed from inbound solar radiation, then scattered upon re-emission at longer wavelengths.

        • Douglas Hoyt says:

          Manabe’s mistake is that his thought experiment is valid only for a one-dimensional static system. Then without any further thought he says it is valid for a three-dimensional system that has dynamical heating day and night and summer to winter.

        • I respectfully suggest that the First Law of Thermodynamics IS fundamental physics. The exchange of enthalpy with gravitational potential energy as the gas circulates is what is to be expected from an adiabatic process. This is the process which determines surface temperature, when the radiation balance is maintained in the tropopause at a nominal temperature of 214 Kelvin, augmented by ozone decomposition to 216 Kelvin. The hydrostatic equation which demonstrates that such circulation which must take place in a negative temperature gradient is also fundamental physics. And as for the emission in the stratosphere, you will be hard pressed to explain why the temperature gets up to about 282 Kelvin. No matter how you fiddle the equations, you will get somewhere between 214 and 256 Kelvin, depending on which post hoc nonsense you adopt.

          • Douglas Hoyt says:

            Agreed. It is not just thermal radiation alone that heats the surface as Manabe contends. The uneven geographical and temporal heating by the Sun forces horizontal and vertical air motion. The downward motion of convection leads to a warmer surface. The upward motion leads to a cooler upper atmosphere. There is no perpetual motion machine in this system as some people claim, because new solar energy is always entering the system and driving convection and general circulation.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Sounds like the “thought experiment” is about equal to a graduate heat transfer class assignment, which they would be required to finish in a week.

  4. Charlotte Welcker says:

    Tony, what do you think about the theory that the earth is still producing oil and it’s not gonna run out? Is there any truth to this article?

  5. Lasse says:

    Alfred Nobel was never married!
    But he was in love with a woman who inspired him to give his money to mankind as a tribute to honour peace and prosperity.

  6. Niklas says:

    One day i hope we have good leaders that are honest to us and not manipulative. That day the bad folks will regret the vicious agenda they have today.

    Most folks are honest and most folks are easily mislead. One day people had enough with all BS. One day people will listen to you Tony. More and more people are feed up.

    The noble committee are fraudulent gangsters. Only western countries admire that prize. Alfred would turn in his grave if he knew who hijacked the committee.

    • Power attracts the depraved, the morally bankrupt and the psychopathic like flies to a cow pat. Don’t wish for good, moral leadership, you will never get it. Design the system so that one bunch of crooks is always fighting another bunch of crooks for top billing. Good things might happen fortuitously as part of this conflict. It’s not much, but it is the best available. Why else do you think human history has been nothing more than a lamentable tale of misery? To these monsters, global warming and covid are merely ploys to assist their progress up the slippery pole. Neither has anything to do with the well being of society. The likes of Al Gore believe in global warming less than I do, and i don’t believe a word of it.

  7. Icecream For All says:

    I remember the time when the term Nobel Prize invoked something serious and respectable.
    However, since the Nobel prize committee started granting this prize to clowns such as Albert Gore and Barack Obama, its PR value has considerably decreased, to a point where for an already significant and growing number of people, it is synonym with the frivolous politicization of science and the abject manipulation of public opinion.
    We can already tell that in coming years this prize will go to hysterical girls who repeats what her hysterical and greedy parents have told her to say.

    Ironically and tragically, as more people die of adverse effects to the useless pseudo Covid19 vaccines, someone has already suggested that this committee award the the Nobel prize for Medicine to the people who developed them, and to people who forced their use upon the unsuspecting public, including children:

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