UN Grants Earth Fifty More Years

The UN says we have until, the year 2050 to stop global warming, which is fifty years past their original deadline.

Climate crisis: greenhouse gas levels hit new record despite lockdowns, UN reports | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Mercury News: Search Results

Another year, another boondoggle.

Mauna Loa Trends in Carbon Dioxide

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9 Responses to UN Grants Earth Fifty More Years

  1. Charles Dodgson says:

    The only logical conclusion then is that increasing CO2 emissions is delaying the climate apocalypse. Thank God for India and China!

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Using the flawed logic of the “warmunists” the rise in CO2 concentrations correlate to the rise in COP conventions.
    Stop having the extravagant meetings!

  3. Doesn’t this indicate that human beings have next to nothing to do with CO2 levels?

  4. Thomas Fowler says:

    The article contains a glaring error, one common to the belief of most who have bought into the climate change hysteria. It says “…carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas…”. No, it isn’t, by a considerable measure. Water vapor is about 4-5 times more potent as a greenhouse gas. But no one thinks that regulation of water vapor is feasible, so CO2 becomes the bogeyman. Except that, as Tony as pointed out, there is very little correlation of CO2 and global temps, going back over the historical record.

    • It is the greenhouse effect itself which is the root cause of the alarmist position. The low concentration of CO2 is offset by its ability to react to the thermal band corresponding to the temperature at which the surface actually radiates. Water vapour is associated with the far infra red and radar frequencies. If we accept the greenhouse effect as valid science, the fact that the CO2 concentration is low does not detract from the alarmist argument. It is the greenhouse effect itself which is garbage, and I explain why I believe that is given here: https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/ I look forward to a reasoned refutation, but in three years so far, none has been forthcoming.

      • David G says:

        Enjoyable read Gordon, thanks.
        While not a physicist, I am a medical doctor and career scientist (genetics of disease), and appreciate that it is very difficult for the average person to participate in the debate on the “science” of global warming, except to repeat “mantras” they have encountered in their newspaper of choice. I am yet to see a “climate scientist” in the media explain their opinions and give the reasons for them. All we have are self proposed proxies repeating these mantras and accusing sceptics of being “science deniers” (by the way, I have never heard that expression used in all the hundreds of true scientific meetings I’ve attended over my career). The other term often used to stifle debate, “the science is settled”, I only heard once at an international science meeting in 1995, and that was from a retiring Prof with dubious results trying to protect his legacy. It is such a pity that climate science can no longer be debated.
        Thank you, David

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    They should save face, and say it’s x years. Then they will always be right.

  6. Rockwood says:

    The reality is IF we were in a real climate crisis we would be in a total lockdown and most of humanity would be sacrificed for the good of the globalist elites. Seems to me the plandemic is the start of this process.

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