A Global Cooling Christmas

We no longer need Monty Python’s Flying Circus because our actual leaders are far to ridiculous for any credible skit.

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2 Responses to A Global Cooling Christmas

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    What gives these morons the authority to speak for our Lord and savior? Rev Franklin Graham said Jesus would want us to get the vaccine. He developed pericarditis soon after his vax and developed scar tissue and recently had to have heart surgery as a result. It’s weird how the media barley mentions it, or the cause
    Merry Christmas everyone !

  2. Mahatmat says:

    2I am old enough to remember the Bangladesh famine when it occured. Focus then was on starvation, not on anything else. Truthseekers of today should be more true to seeking real truth than gaining thumbs up on Youtube

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