“Scientists Say”

Scientists say melting Arctic ice causes autumn forest fires.

Study draws link between melting Arctic ice and Western U.S. fires that flare in the fall

Arctic sea ice extent is just below the 1981-2010 mean, the highest in ten years and second highest in the last seventeen years.

osisaf_nh_sie_daily-2years.png (1274×943)

There is no trend in Arctic sea ice extent over the past fifteen years.


Fire burn acreage this year was 64% of the average since 1926.


In 1935 the autumn forest fire season was defined as being from October 15 to December 15.

18 Oct 1935, Page 2 – The Daily Notes at Newspapers.com

“From October 13 to October 27 (1947) firefighters tried to fight 200 Maine fires, consuming a quarter of a million acres of forest and wiping out nine entire towns. The Maine fires destroyed 851 homes and 397 seasonal cottages, leaving 2,500 people homeless. The year 1947 became known as the Year Maine Burned.”

The Year a State Burned: Maine Fires of 1947 Wipe Out 9 Towns – New England Historical Society

The largest autumn forest fires in the US occurred in 1898 and 1871.

“Reports from the western portion of Colorado continue to tell of the ravages of the forest fires which bid fair to devastate the greater part of the forests of the state.”

The Colorado Daily Chieftain October 1, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Fort Collins Courier October 6, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Herald Democrat October 2, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

TimesMachine: September 30, 1898 – NYTimes.com

TimesMachine: October 3, 1898 – NYTimes.com

The Colorado Transcript November 9, 1898 — Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

On October 7, 1871 much of Minnesota and Wisconsin were burning.

PRAIRIES IN FLAMES. – One Hundred and Fifty Miles Swept by Fire–Men, Women and Children Fleeing for Their Lives–Immense Loss of Property of all Kinds. Several Towns Destroyed–Great Damage Occasioned–Loss of Life. – View Article – NYTimes.com

07 Oct 1871, 1 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

The following day was the worst fires in US history, with Chicago burning to the ground, and many other towns around the Great Lakes in flames.

11 Oct 1871, 1 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

There were massive fires in Wisconsin, Michigan and the Rocky Mountains.

14 Oct 1871, Page 2 – Harrisburg Telegraph at Newspapers.com

The worst of these fires occurred at Peshtigo, Wisconsin, where more than one thousand people burned to death.

The Great Midwest Wildfires of 1871

Canada’s largest forest fire occurred during the autumn of 1825

01 Oct 1908, Page 1 – Cameron County Press at Newspapers.com

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