Canada Starving People Into Submission

The Canadian government plans to starve people who refuse to submit to the Bill Gates’ injection.

Unvaccinated Canadians can be banned from grocery stores in New Brunswick | True North

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3 Responses to Canada Starving People Into Submission

  1. GWS says:

    Canada now joins Australia and New Zealand as formally kind and compassionate countries now gone woke, and anxious to grind up those unwilling to believe.

  2. stewartpid says:

    Our genius politicians tell us the “climate crisis” will kill us soon anyway …. maybe better to starve to death than boil alive.
    It is currently -7 C at my house so I’m just not feeling the GLO-BULL warming this morning.

  3. Wally Warbles says:

    Now Canada has gone to a Dictatorship that’s way too close for us a good reason not to live in Canada

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