Climate Central : Tweleve Feet Of Sea Level Rise By 2100

Surging Seas: Risk Finder

“This extreme rise scenario, considered unlikely but increasingly plausible, was published together with other projections in a technical report by the National and Oceanic Atmospheric Administration in January. NOAA added “extreme” as a new sea level category in the publication, supplementing high, intermediate and low categories that have also been used in past reports”

Extreme Sea Level Rise and the Stakes for America | Climate Central

CO-OPS Technical Report

The “extreme scenario” has nothing to do with the real world. Sea level rise is not accelerating and is below the low scenario.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

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  1. Ian Campbell says:

    Hey Tony; I’ve been a fan for years, really appreciate the work and insights! I was curious.. and maybe just not looing in the right places, but I’m not seeing a lot of C-vid articles on here.. long story a little shorter.. I have a friend who brought up an interesting point about the mask mandates in denver metro: according to the tri county health department raw data, there (at least a couple weeks ago) were less people in ICU beds than a month prior to that, but less ICU beds available, (because nurses are being fired for not getting the vaccine), and the lack of available ICU space is the prime reason given for the mask mandate (the hospitals are overrun!!!). Anyway, seems up your alley, and I’d bet it’s not just the case in metro Denver. Thanks again!

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