Fourteen Years Into The Australian Permanent Drought

This drought may never break

Canberra just had their wettest November on record.

A Torrent Of Rain Hits Amid Canberra’s Wettest November On Record | X99News

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5 Responses to Fourteen Years Into The Australian Permanent Drought

  1. Iggie says:

    Thanks for jogging the memory. Not just Canberra, but Australia as well, has recorded its wettest November since official records began in 1900. As Aussie farmers say, the bigger the drought, the bigger the flood.

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    Someone really blew it in Australia. It was reported very early, when the rain first started, that La Nina was the cause. That meant the ensuing flooding, that usually follow a drought, could not be blamed on climate change. How sad?

    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Peter C:
      I’m sure they will find a way to blame it on ClimateChange©.
      Here in Adelaide we’ve had 2 hailstorms in November and we had snow in the Adelaide Hills for the first time in decades. Some celebration (on the TV weather) that we got ONE day (Nov.30 – the first since early March) with a maximum of 30℃.

      And poor old Tasmania had (briefly) snow at sea level at Port Arthur and snow down to 200 metres on Mt.Wellington. They can get snow any month of the year on the Mount but at this time of the year usually above 1000 metres.

  3. kaiwanshou says:

    Ever heard of Geo-engineering? Check it out at

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