“Fully Vaccinated People Are A Major Source Of COVID Transmission”

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  1. Eric Simpson says:

    Possibly, the vaccinated get infected but are frequently asymptomatic, so they unwittingly go out and spread it, while the unvaccinated tend to get symptoms and so are more likely to stay home and not spread it.

    If so, the mass vaccination program was a big mistake, and this could just go on and on and on as we have booster after booster, and we never develop effective immunity. But, I don’t really know.

    • Luigi says:

      all people are frequently asymptomatic. There was a figure in Italy, 95% of positively tested, which was asymptomatic. Then the press stopped writing of saying that. The only positive set of data for the vaccine is by now the low number of deaths in Italy, compared to 1 ear ago. But there are several points generating doubts about the fact that this is due to the vaccine.
      1 in 2020 everyone who was positively tested after dying was considered COVID victim.
      2 Tests were set for 45 cycles and now we know that test above 25 cycles easily result false positive
      3 the inner ministry asked to give a positive result even if one 1 of th 3 proteins in the test was detected.
      4 The initial therapy adopted was paracetamol and just wait at home to see how the situation evolved. Doing that, our health ministry has killed several thousands people in 2020. Then they have changed that and give patients ivermectin, which they prohibited 1 year ago.

      So put all that together: one get infected. He must wait at home and get only paracetamol, then situation worsen, he land in hospital in critical situation and eventually die. Or another not really infected dies for any reason in the hospital. He is tested with 45 cycles and find only one proteine but then you put the death among those for covid.

    • Ilma says:

      Except that there’s no evidence of asymptomatic transmission, The CDC were the subject of a FOIA request on this (records of covid cases caught from an asymptomatic), and produced nothing in reply. As to transmission, the primary and majority medium is via airborne aerosols (not droplets or surfaces), and as these aerosols and the virus are tiny, can travel wherever there is airflow. The increased incidence of vaccinated being infected is likely to be because the vaccines actually impair and damage our immune system; the mechanisms by which it does this are now being understood, as are conversely, the mechanisms by which the ‘banned’ drugs, particularly Ivermectin, work to inhibit viral replication, i.e. to effectively and safely treat and save us.

    • Ganderson says:

      I think if we all wear a dozen or so masks, and hide under our beds this should all go away

    • jchr12 says:

      The notion of asymptomatic transmission is false. We have been warned for months that spike proteins caused by these gene therapies will cause mutations & spread.

  2. Rhadamanthus says:

    It is becoming increasingly clear that after a very short period these substances (I refuse to undeservingly dignify them with the description of “vaccine”) do little to prevent infection of, and subsequent retransmission by, those to whom they are administered. Immunity against serious illness also wanes as well. Disturbingly, there is also a growing body of evidence that after a while these recipients actually become more susceptible to infection than what they would have been had they not been injected. It is hard to believe that this evidence could have completely escaped the attention of those politicians and bureaucrats who, in numerous nations, are to all intents and purposes compelling their subjects to undergo this intervention. If so, one is ineluctably driven to ask: what is their real purpose and agenda?

    • arn says:

      The number of the desired world population on the georgia guidestones
      is >500 mio.

      To “guide” reproduction wisely – improving fitness and DIVERSITY
      is the 2nd commandement.

      Be not a cancer on earth.
      (just like the 10 planks of marxism there is also some sugarcoating commandements)

      Unite humanity with a living new language((this has already been dropped in favor of english.The new language was Esperanto=typical artificial BS from the marxist corner.My uncle had to learn it when he was young))

      The number of guidestone languages is 8(English,Spanish,Swahili,Hindi,Arabic,Hebrew,Chinese,Russian).
      One can expect that the remaining languages will are supposed to be cancelled.
      The remaining 8 will most probably be also the remaining zones the planet will be divided into = a huge unification(EU style) is in africa on the way.
      Probably pushed by chinas backdoor colonisation .
      A unification of the nafta countries Canada&USA& Mexico.
      Russia will probably (re)absorb some of the countries it controlled during the pre globalist test run(USSR)

  3. Leo Savantt says:

    It’s a strange world, made stranger by the fact that RT is often more credible and interesting than homegrown alternatives. Not just in terms of the pandemic, but also in analysis of the Ukraine situation and the likelihood that Russia is really about to invade.

  4. Jack says:


    Interesting link and common sense thoughts on this benign omicron variant as a natural safe and cost free vaccine. Makes a lot of sense , since natural infection the ‘gold standard vaccine’ in this type of viral respiratory disease .

    This is what vaccines are based upon and they would not work at all without a natural immunity response.

    Maybe we really just need world wide omicron infection parties instead of less than effective, expensive and dodgy vaccines. Africa has possibly inadvertently given the world a wonderful and much needed gift in these weird and wacky times.

  5. Gamecock says:

    The vaccine (sic) makes people stupid. They think they have been vaccinated, so they get careless.

    Personal hygiene and limited contact with people is the best prevention plan. Vaccinated people think contact is fine.

    • Richard says:

      no most of don’t think contact is OK- hygiene is #1 for most the problems- 100K normally die from flue every year but no deaths in 2021 shows clean people live better

      Natural immunity appears to be the ticket but it is downplayed WHY??? so the big pharm can sell vaccines
      either way i look it like traveling, with 1 million miles under my belt i have worn a seat belt at every chance- never needing it but glad I had it

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Yeah. It’s true for me, I am way more careless than I was at first. Still, how long do you want to hide? I have my ivermectin, and I know that I do have antibodies, because I took the test. The only thing I worry about is if my family took a step too far, getting the third vaccine. Unfortunately, they are all in healthcare, and they think they know everything, until their bosses tell them, “Oops, we were wrong.”

  6. Andrew says:

    My take is that government bureaucracies are set up specifically to colonise, internalise and stifle public debate. Healthy open debate is viewed as an encumbrance; instead, we have a new Nomenklatura (a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in the bureaucracy, running all spheres of those countries’ activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region. – Wikipedia)
    The pandemic has rather undermined the cosy old liberal view of western democracy imo.

  7. Luigi says:

    If we check the situation in Germany we see that this month, with 68% of fully vaccinated, intensive care units are as full as 1 year ago with 0% of vaccinated:

    28.11.2020: 3880 patients in ICU
    28.11.2021: 4451 patients in ICU

    Source: ourworldindata.com covid-19 data explorer

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Yeah, if a vaccine worked you would expect some drop off, even if it wasn’t linearly related to the vaccinated population. You would expect something. One thing here, if I have my numbers right, only about ten percent of the population (in the US) has confirmed cases of COVID. I would guess the actual number is much larger, but can you find a study where random tests were done on the general population to see who has antibodies? Something like that was done in NYC why back when, but I have seen nothing recently. So do we have 30% with antibodies? Sweden has something going on, because their cased are increasing noticeably more slowly than the rest of Europe. I think their openness policies allowed more spread early on, and they do have some partial herd immunity.

  8. Daniel Smeal says:

    You’ve got to wonder if this was the plan all along: purposeful introduction of a virus into the world’s population; the release of the mark of the beast (“vaccination”) which was pre-developed prior to the release of the virus; creation of an asymptomatic segment of the population with the “mark” who serve as carriers to kill off that segment of the population that refuse to get the mark. Funny how my mind works but when I see the satanistic evil in some of the rich and powerful who advocate for population control, you do have to wonder.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      There was some evil here, but it was an insensitivity to human suffering and righteousness, rather than a plan to kill and mark everyone. I think, if you are going along with the mark of the beast idea, it has to be an explicit knowledgeable surrender to a clear evil to be the mark of the beast. You have to know that you are doing something evil, like herding Jews into a chamber, or aborting a full-grown baby. It has to be something as clear as that.

    • Gamecock says:

      Dunno, Daniel. There is a lot going on that makes no sense. A Grand Global Conspiracy would explain it.

      On the other hand, Hanlon’s Razor could apply: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

      Soros et al are capable of a GGC. But there are a lot of stupid people around, too. Hopefully, we’ll survive long enough to learn what has been going on.

      • Torgo says:

        “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

        “The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that He didn’t exist.”

  9. John+Sweeney says:

    Where’s the video from? Did I miss that?

  10. Windsong says:

    You would think that RT could afford a simple calculator. If the share of vaxxed cases age 60+ in DE was 16.9% in July, jumping to 58.9% in October, that would be an increase of roughly 350%. (16.9 + 42% = 24)

    Lies, damned lies and TV news doing arithmetic. (Apologies to Mark Twain, and many others.)

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