Twitter News December 8, 2021

Mathematics is racist.

12:24 PM · Dec 7, 2021

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7 Responses to Twitter News December 8, 2021

  1. arn says:

    Is basketball racist?
    As many asians struggle with basketball the racist NBA should be altering the rules for the sake of inclusivity and diversity.

    The real trick here is,to simply dumb down people
    as it is so much easier to control dumb people
    and to turn them against each other.
    This is being achieved by systematically lowering standards for teachers and students and the evil trick that is used is ‘inclusivity'(equity&divetlrsity exist for the very same reason).
    Charlotte Iserbyte already exposed “the deliberate dumbing down of america”(by the usual suspects) in her book 4 decades ago.

    Meanwhile in the real world people of color from nigeria have absolutely no problem with math as they haven’t been dumbed down systematically by the marxist education system.
    And even among nigerians there is a huge gaps in terms of skills and performance,as christian nigerians outperform muslims ones by a landmile
    (though both groups are in terms of race and genetics pretty much the same)
    as marxislam is fogging peoples mind in a similar way.

    The problem with cultural marxism is not only that it turns everything into shit
    it also turns everything(no matter culture,religion,economy,education etc etc)
    into marxism.

  2. Billyjack says:

    Mathematics study and problem solving is an exercise for the brain analogous to lifting barbells to increase the strength of your biceps. So the “woke again” flock that worships the government cannot allow its exercise in education.

  3. Gary Wescom says:

    Interesting! This shift in math instruction appears, as I interpret it, to be needed because Caucasians inherently possess superior math ability. It appears the “woke” crowd don’t find that racist at its base. I guess they are assuming increased melanin in the skin detracts from basic mental skills. I find this attitude abhorrent.

    • arn says:

      Well,it’s the east asians who have these superior abilities in term of math,as they dominate those fields
      and they are also victims of woke racism as their numbers at universities are being artificially limited in favor of the “right” skin colors.

  4. Judging by the rubbish that is widely accepted as climate science, it is evident that the dumbing down started years ago.

  5. Dave N says:

    The helicopter crashed because Math is racist

  6. Walter says:

    I always sucked at math, math must not like me because I’m white.

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