Global Warming Will Destroy The Planet Soon

Global Warming and Government’s Inaction Will Soon Destroy World – Guardian Liberty Voice

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5 Responses to Global Warming Will Destroy The Planet Soon

  1. gregole says:

    Headline from 2013…and MannMade Global Warming will destroy the world? Wow. They were insane then. They are insane now.

    The Klimate Klown Kar – where do they all come from?

  2. I cannot understand the mentality which refuses to examine the actual ‘science’ on which this lunacy is based before proposing drastic action. ‘scientists say’ is one of those non-attributable references so beloved of the muddle-headed. Just a minor point; coal and oil companies don’t generate the CO2, it is the consumer who chooses to burn the stuff. Anybody who looks critically at the so-called theory will discover what a disgrace to the name of science it is.

  3. Logic n Reason says:

    If you read between the lines this was never about environmental damage. It was a money grab for wealth redistribution.

    • arn says:

      You do not even need to read between the lines in this case.
      Just read the first 5 “words”

      “”800 NGO delegates walked out”

      NGO’s are billionaires vehicles and the delegates are just their buttkissers as are the journalists.
      This was just another coordinated stunt.

  4. Jack says:

    Classic virtue signalling! Just quietly move manufacturing and power stations required for this , out of western countries to other countries. We all know where those are. Out of site and out of mind. Scaremongering propaganda on steroids to further political , cultural and financial agendas. Pollution problem worsened as even far less monitoring and regulation in other ‘ less developed ‘ countries. The extra co2 just an inadvertent positive plant food spin off besides the very negative increases in particulates/etc and medical issues. Been going on for a long time now, with all the reasons why, known to both sides of the premeditated deteriorating problem .

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