Hijacking The Environmental Movement

Twenty years ago, natural gas was hailed as a solution for urban pollution.

Environmentalists Hail Metro Decision to Expand Natural Gas Bus Program | NRDC

But the environmental movement was hijacked by climate scamsters, and replaced with support for solar, wind and hydroelectric.

Renewable Energy Definition and Types of Renewable Energy Sources | NRDC

The wind farms angering renewable energy fans – ABC News

Wind farms kill huge numbers of raptors.

Windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought | Windmills Kill

The industry responds with some spectacular lies. Housecats kill eagles?  Building wind turbines and wind farms doesn’t require mining, drilling or pollution?

The Realities of Bird and Bat Deaths by Wind Turbines | REVE News of the wind sector in Spain and in the world

Fifty years ago, the environmental movement was focused around stopping hydroelectric power which had destroyed the most beautiful canyon on the Colorado River.

The Cracking of Glen Canyon Damn with Edward Abbey and Earth First! (1982) – Sacred Land

The destruction of Glen Canyon is largely what inspired me to testify at this Congressional hearing, almost fifty years ago.

28 May 1972, Page 12 – at Newspapers.com

I took this picture on February 14, 2021 of the Rawhide Generating Station in Northern Colorado. It was the coldest day on record that late in winter in Cheyenne.  There was no wind and the wind turbines were all shut down due to icing, and the solar panels were covered with snow. The power plant is being shut down due to Colorado climate neuroses and the solar array has destroyed huge tracks of land where I used to film Pronghorns.

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5 Responses to Hijacking The Environmental Movement

  1. Steve Case says:

    Environmentalists Hail Metro
    Decision to Expand Natural Gas
    Bus Program

    Just yesterday New York City passed legislation to
    ban natural gas in new buildings to start in 2030

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Clearly, there is only one thing for global climate defenders to do. Turn all of their energy sources off, give their home to the homeless, and go live in the wilderness, but don’t burn any wood.

  3. Lance says:

    The stupid, it burns!!!

  4. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I live in SC KY and love my Coal and Gas fired power plants.
    I burn wood for heat and I say…
    Let them FREEZE!!!

  5. Leo Savantt says:

    Windmills (a mediaeval technology) kill a huge number of birds, but the real problem is the billions of essential pollinators, such as bees, that they exterminate. In countries such as the UK this had led to a serious and environmentally damaging decline in the very insects that are needed for agriculture, wildlife and gardens to prosper. The only upside is that when the wind is not blowing, apart from not producing energy which they also don’t when the wind is blowing too strongly, they don’t kill any insects and that is a significant amount of the time. However, windy or not they do make the landowners very rich at the taxpayers expense, 25% of all domestic electricity bills in the UK is tax, taken to subsidise these environmentally damaging monstrosities.

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