Least Vaccinated Vs. Most Vaccinated States

The least vaccinated state.


The most vaccinated state.

Have we flattened the curve in Vermont? – Johns Hopkins

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6 Responses to Least Vaccinated Vs. Most Vaccinated States

  1. Randy Rivera says:

    If one ignores this virus, it disappears.

  2. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    Even though the populations of Vermont and Wyoming are similar, Vermont’s is still higher. It would be a fairer comparison to show by cases per 1000 of population, deaths per 1000 of population, etc. There are differences other than vaccination-rate between life and people in Wyoming and in Vermont that might also influence case and death counts.

    • tonyheller says:

      The point is the trend, not the magnitude.

    • Tel says:

      People in Vermont tend to be wealthier, and perhaps they travel more. Wyoming has a lot of jobs in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, construction, and things that are mostly either out of doors or at least in large spaces.

      As for magnitude … you can only compare after Vermont has peaked and started down again, which might be a while yet.

  3. Walter Wagner says:

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