Massachusetts Hockey Stick

Massachusetts is one of the most injected states, and they are seeing a record number of cases and a hockey stick of hospitalized injected people.

COVID-19 Raw Data – December 17, 2021

Have we flattened the curve in Massachusetts? – Johns Hopkins

Understanding Vaccination Progress – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Wyoming is the least injected state and we are seeing a sharp decline in cases and hospitalizations.

Have we flattened the curve in Wyoming? – Johns Hopkins

COVID-19: Hospital Resources in WY

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7 Responses to Massachusetts Hockey Stick

  1. M. Longwell says:

    The definition of “case” is confusing:
    Under, “Understanding COVID-19 Data,” click the first “pulldown.”

    1) Symptoms but no test,
    2) Test with or without symptoms,
    3) Death regardless of cause as long as #1 or #2 is true, (or a sufficient bribe is offered.)

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The drone video of the people in Australia marching at Tony’s New Tube made my day. Now, if only they would march to the capital and surround it 30 people deep and sit down. Schedule replacement people to fill in when people have to leave so that the sit down is permanent.

  3. CLARK says:

    Hello Very Glad to find your Site, Comments section of Zerohedge lead me here, with a link to the photo of the WHO tweet about mask being ineffective, and a false sense of security! Epic. We need to make a masks and Tee shirts of That entire png image.

    Ok back to climate topic. Does anyone else remember the Scientific measurement concept of “Significant Figures”?
    Basically if science instruments only read temperature to an accuracy of one degree, scientists cannot state results of many different data points to highly levels of accuracy than your instruments actually recorded.
    In basic high school science classes teachers use a graduated cylinder to demonstrate this.
    What is a mercury thermometer except a graduated cylinder?

    So all this BS about the the world temperature increase measured in 1/10 of degree over 100 plus years , is simply not admissible in data averaging calculations per basic science reporting.
    We were all taught you have to drop the zeros after the LEAST accurate of your measuring instruments.
    I challenged NOAA directly in this and the government worker emailed me thats its because I had not taken any classes in advanced statistics.
    Instead of providing any answer I was directed to study an entire textbook.
    I still have the emails.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Clark
      Thermometers come in all levels of accuracy. Like those you use to measure your body temp. some will do 0.1 of a degree increments. This is also the case for mercury thermometers.
      However I completely agree with you that accuracy of air temperature measurement has no correlation to precision of thermometers. As Tony has pointed out, if snowfall is trending up over the past century, it’s very unlikely the planet is warming.

  4. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    I highly recommend watching this. You’ll be much smarter because of it

  5. kzvx says:

    We’ve said since day one – a virus is going to what a virus is going to do, mankind cannot control a virus. Masks, lockdowns and fake vaccines are all WORTHLESS

  6. Dave says:

    Hail the culture of fear. Taking a shot or a pill may not protect you but it will certainly make you more fearful. Fear is the instrument that disengages thought and hypnotises people and animals to follow. Nobody wants to stand alone in the midst of danger. Unfortunately this is an instinct that can be played to the advantage of the predator.

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