New Name For Vaccine Injury

The Ministry of Truth has renamed vaccine injury as “post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD.)

Thousands facing heart problems due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ | Evening Standard

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6 Responses to New Name For Vaccine Injury

  1. nobler says:

    Ursula von der Leyen, M.D. of the EU wants to scrap the Nuremberg Code so she can force the COVID “vaccines” on the peasants. Ethics are such a pesky thing, always making it hard to be a successful politician.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      A Fascists being FASCISTS!!!

    • arn says:

      one of the main reason the EU was created is to force whatever they want
      on people all over europe while undermining democracy and national sovereignities and strategies for people to defend themselves against the money aristocracy.

      Now i wonder how much of the typical nazi crying we will hear from the MSM when real nazi methods are pushed – i guess 0 is the correct answer.

  2. Laurie says:

    Such ‘authorities’ are still plumbing the depths of villainy. Just wow.

    “They dress the wound of My people with very little care, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ [health, wellbeing] when there is no peace at all.”

  3. arn says:

    I wonder wether this PPSD idiot term was already coined before the virus appeared and on behalf of the pharmalobby.

  4. GWS says:

    Their lie is in their deflecting blame for this stress and anxiety away from themselves, the people responsible for scaring the pants off of the population, and blaming it on a seasonal flu with a 99% survivability rate.

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