Political Climate Refugees

As is normally the case, Grist is making claims which are the exact opposite of reality.

Fleeing global warming? ‘Climate havens’ aren’t ready for you yet. | Grist

What is actually happening is that people are fleeing Democrat states and moving to Republican states.

“Census 2020: First results show near historically low population growth and a first-ever congressional seat loss for California”

Census 2020: First results show near historically low population growth and a first-ever congressional seat loss for California

The climate of Great Lakes states is getting better, with fewer hot summer days and less extreme weather.

The Great Lakes has always been wine country.

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5 Responses to Political Climate Refugees

  1. Richard says:

    50,000 dire end of days predictions since 1970 and on regarding Weather and Climate Change / Global Warming / Cooling / Emergency

    NOT ONE has come to pass with any facts – what happened to Hurricanes increasing in numbers and intensity since 2005?

  2. G-man says:

    We worked in NY state for over 30 years in a very nice area. We left the state because of leftest policy, the excessive taxes, the insane corrupt politicians. We have since help elect a new red governor for our state. Just hope it’s not a different face on the same coin like Mitch McConnell.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    In an instant, Mankind can access more information than any Human could ever imagine…yet Humans continue to be ignorant of the Facts available on the INTERNET!
    But, Humans choose to be ignorant rather than learn the facts of the Environment, Social and Scientific, that surrounds their very being.
    c’est la vie and let the knowledgeable survive!

    • D. Boss says:

      The really dark irony is all these woke imbeciles who have been as sheep led to slaughter and willingly taking the clot shot, will be gone prematurely – not only is it causing micro clots everywhere in the body, but it is destroying their immune systems too. (the real agenda is to reduce global population – and sadly or as a silver lining, is the idiots who are so easily brainwashed will be consumed by this agenda)

  4. Scott K Jonas says:

    My mother grew up in Superior, WI which is near Duluth, and she moved to Hawaii to escape the frigid winters. I participated in national guard biathlon races at Camp Ripley, MN in Feb. and it was -30 deg F some nights. I’ve also been to Chicago in Feb. when it was frigid cold. And all of those areas are having zero-degree weather this week. I think they could use a little warmth in those places.

    I noticed that the record reported cold spells across the northern states occurred in the mid 1990’s. The supposed warm records have occurred since then. I think they should be happy if it really is warming up, but it seems just as possible they could return to those record colds.

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