The Liberal Government Of The Netherlands

The Netherlands are one of the most injected countries in the world, with an average of 1.4 injections per capita. Cases, deaths and hospitalizations are skyrocketing – and all discussion and dissent has been banned and censored by their “liberal” government.

COVID-19 Data Explorer – Our World in Data

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6 Responses to The Liberal Government Of The Netherlands

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile Glaxo Smith Kline just announced their antibody treatment works for the new variant that’s only been out a week.
    If that’s not a red flag

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Another vaxxed soccer player dies on the field from heart attack yesterday
    She was only 26, this on top of 2 fans that had to be rushed to the hospital during the game. Yeah ya gotta have a vaccine passport to get in the game.

  3. Cornbread says:

    Age-adjusted official data from the UK suggests that COVID-19 vaccines are no longer unproductive, and they’ve turned fully counterproductive:

    No word from the health authorities about this.
    Didn’t that country use to have a parliament where MPs could ask government officials tough questions?
    Didn’t it have independent newspapers and TV companies?

  4. dm says:


    The lag between new cases & ICU patients and the lag between new cases & new deaths since Aug 2021 differ from the lags prior to mass vaccination. HMMMM!!!!

    During the current wave, ICU patients began rising BEFORE or around the time new cases started rising. Previously, ICU patient counts began rising 10-20 days AFTERWARDS.

    Also, during the current wave, new deaths started rising at about the same time as new cases. Previously, the former lagged the latter by 20-30 days.

    One more point: just 2-3 months separates the time The Netherlands became widely vaxxed & the beginning of the current outbreak. That suggests very brief efficacy for the vaccine(s).

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