Vanishing UK Beaches

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  1. Greg Raven says:

    Yeah, but you’re wrong because that article from the Express has maps that show where the beaches will vanish, so there.

  2. Kohlbert says:

    Years ago, I visited the town of Brouage, in western France, which was a bustling port in the 17th century, and now is miles away from the shoreline:
    (quote): “Brouage had started to lose trade to neighbouring Rochefort by the 17th century, a decline in fortunes that came about because the port became less accessible to ships due to the receding waters, …”
    This was not a problem caused by silt blocking the entrance to the port, it was the shoreline that moved westward.

    Speaking of sea level, here is a new article based on data from NASA that shows no meaningful change in global ice coverage in the past 40 years:
    “Receding Ice” is the twin brother of “Sea Level Rise”, and both are are fictional characters in the “Man-Made Global Warming” mythology.

  3. Cheshire Red says:

    Your videos haven’t been uploading onto You Tube for over 8 days Tony. Are you banned or suspended there?

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