The Alpha Variant

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  1. Don B says:

    Beware cat flu!

    Ivermectin has six different mechanisms for fighting Covid, while the new Pfizer and Merck anti-viral pills are one trick ponys.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      The NU COVID is just like a simple Flu…the ‘pandemic’, which was NOT a pandemic’ is over…time for the TRIALS right Fauci, Daszak, CCP and Biden?

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Good info.
      AND my DR and Pharmacist will fill Ivermectin & Hydroxy to fight COVID.
      $25total OR $176 each Ivermectina pill…your choice!

  2. Luigi says:

    Dear Tony,
    The next German chancellor, olaf scholz (small letter on purpose) has just said, he favours compulsory vaccine for the whole population. He said he would like to have a vote in the parliament to decide on that. But the German rhetoric is so that, when they “talk” about the problem, this means that they have already decided and now are getting people acquainted with the idea. In August, before the elections he stated that he would never introduce compulsory vaccination. One man one world as usual…So this means that they will give a fine for every time a person refuses the vaccine and this fine is probably going to be very high. The same is being done in Greece where the government wants to give a 100€ fine to pensioners for every month they refuse the vaccine. Italian prime minister mario draghi has just stated that “we are going to refresh the vaccine for several years because there are the variants and the vaccine must be updated to face them”. In the meantime a colleague has just told me that some people in the company do not want to meet or talk to unvaccinated colleagues (so we’ve run back in time to 1933, I suppose). If this comes, I will have to choose between getting the jab or being ruined. I could find my peace with one injection, but the perspective of buying an abonnement for the next 3 years doesn’t really give me much hope. In fact I still have not seen or heard at work, in my neighbourhood or among my relatives of severe covid cases, neither of casualties. In my family we have had 5 cases and all were extremely mild. This may just be a case, but I have several friends who told me the same. But I know for sure of 4 severe cases of side effects due to the mRNA vaccine and two people know directly someone who died after taking the vaccine (with that I do not want to mean that there a correlation is proven, but my personal opinion is that there must be one). At the same time it seems that the EU has ordered 27 millions conventional vaccines from Valneva (together with another billion, 1.1 to be precise, of mRNA vaccines), but it seems that the valneva product comes in April 2022 in the market. Now suddenly the authorities want to introduce compulsory vaccination very quickly. So the impression remains that there’s a plan to force people to take the mRNA vaccine. Eventually Biontech is the company in which the German government has invested money… Actually I have lost the will to live. I do not want to talk or see those pro vaccination or who believe in all the official news. By now I am spared because I work in home office (since May 2020 actually). My wife is teacher at the university and in another school. She holds video lessons but said that she is extremely disgusted by her students who are all vaccinated and do not show the slightest sympathy for those who refuse the vaccine for maybe real problems. At the same time they think (today there has been such a discussion in the lesson) that abortion is an acceptable matter because a woman ” can do what she wants with her body”. They’re completely brain washed, insensitive, selfish. This is the cream of the European society: unable to process any information, draw conclusions and ready to shoot the neighbour… if he’s Jewish.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I wish that there was a way to consolidate all of Tony’s followers at one location. I enjoy reading the user comments here more than at all the other sites that I visit, and it is because so many people here have interesting information to add from their knowledge and life experiences. I also wish that Tony had a larger, more publicly known platform. He is definitely the best anti-environmental wacko spokesman we have. He needs to be heard wide and far. We also need an “underground” depository for all the history, the literature, the music, the philosophy, the science, the math, etc. of European civilization. We may see the chance of them burning it all as remote, but it is measurable, particularly after the destruction of statues commemorating the same. We also need a place to meet and discuss the future of civilization. I fear that we are heading into a Second Dark Age, and if we are, all that it takes is for the older generation to die, because the younger generation are NOT keepers of the ark. They have not been taught, and they do not value the invaluable.
      On to the Omicron variant: Early report is that symptoms are mild. Hopefully, it is so, and also spreads like wildfire. It may turn out that the Omicron variant is a better vaccine than the vaccines, i.e. the virus will outsmart the genius minds of the Fauci-Gates Evil Empire.

    • Linda says:

      Let us hope and pray that the ordinary people wake up and rise up sooner this time. In the past this happened in one country, this time it is the whole world.

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    Ha! Our current situation is about as laughable as that Simpson’s episode. Hey – there are a lot of feral, bird-killing cats in my neighborhood – hmm – great idea. I’m sure we could convince many of the brainwashed alarmists that those cats are the source of the problem.

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