Violating Community Guidelines

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2 Responses to Violating Community Guidelines

  1. Eric Simpson says:


    Youtube, twitter, etc is the enemy. They would ban us completely if they felt it wouldn’t lead to too much of a backlash, like conservatives regaining control and breaking them up.

    Well they *should* be broken up. In the meantime, my concern though is that these other platforms have a tiny fraction of the viewership of youtube. I hope you’ll change your mind and still post your outstanding videos to youtube as long as you can, not letting a kind of pride stop you from doing what’s best for the cause, imho.

    And realize that they are VERY touchy now about the pandemic, and that apparently a person is more likely to get into trouble talking about that than climate.

    Anyway, everyone is talking about vaccines and so forth, your insights on the pandemic are great, but few .. or actually, no one .. can do what you do on climate change.

  2. Bert Bolding says:

    Thank you Tony , for all your wonderful work.

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