Academic Education Is The Key

Israel was founded to protect the citizenry from the type of people who currently run Israel.

“About two-thirds of those with an academic education support the restrictions, compared to just 41% with high school education.”

Over 60% of Israelis back harsh restrictions on COVID-19 unvaccinated – The Jerusalem Post

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5 Responses to Academic Education Is The Key

  1. arn says:

    The difference between an idiot and an educated idiot is that the latter are dangerous
    as the first will fail and pay
    while the latter will make others fail and pay.

  2. dm says:

    The proper public health policy is: Directly protect those vulnerable to hospitalization or death WHEN infected, and let everyone else continue their normal routines.

    Those vulnerable to hospitalization & death have MULTIPLE comorbidities. The vulnerable in Asia are the same as the vulnerable in Europe, North America, Oceania, Israel and elsewhere. This has been KNOWN since mid-2020.

    Society should avoid doing things that interfere with protecting the vulnerable. That includes AVOIDING CAUSING illness among those who cope well with C19. This rule was broken by official pressure to vaccinate everyone. How? Healthy people are rendered vulnerable to severe symptoms during the 2 weeks after the second dose of the 2 dose c19 vaccines. This reaction largely explains the “pandemic among the unvaccinated” and higher hospitalization rates for the “unvaccinated” during 2021.

    Finally, society should avoid doing things that fail to protect the vulnerable. This includes NOT punishing the healthy who have natural resistance. It also includes NOT punishing the unvaccinated who are younger than age 60 or so and LACK comorbidities.

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    Great that you highlighted this! If you are trying to understand that strange dichotomy, I think you will get a lot out of this article. As you have referred to the Emperor’s New Clothes in the past, this is apparently how it happens:

    Persuasion and the Prestige Paradox: Are High Status People More Likely to Lie?

    Many have discovered an argument hack. They don’t need to argue that something is false. They just need to show that it’s associated with low status. The converse is also true: You don’t need to argue that something is true. You just need to show that it’s associated with high status. And when low status people express the truth, it sometimes becomes high status to lie.

    In short, people have a mechanism in their minds. It stops them from saying something that could lower their status, even if it’s true. And it propels them to say something that could increase their status, even if it’s false.

    Furthermore, knowing that we could lose status if we don’t believe in something causes us to be more likely to believe in it to guard against that loss. Considerations of what happens to our own reputation guides our beliefs, leading us to adopt a popular view to preserve or enhance our social positions. We implicitly ask ourselves, “What are the social consequences of holding (or not holding) this belief?”

    Until recently, I naïvely believed that the vast majority of scientists were like Richard Feynman and would just follow the data where ever it leads. However I know realize that (possibly the majority) go into science to get a PhD after their name.

    There is a HUGE difference between these two motivations. If you got into science for the prestige, then you will conduct your “science” based upon that initial motivation and always be assessing how much prestige you will accrue by taking a particular position. And if you went into science as a “truth seeker” you will follow the Feynman route and allow the data to guide you.

    This was what caused me to stop teaching anything to do with climate science at the University. I really don’t care if the Earth is cooling, warming, I will teach whatever the data indicates. It was your videos that clued me into the problems with climate science and I remember passing some of them around. The push back I would always get is the “Steve Goddard” was not a scientist but an engineer, and therefore a dubious source. However, I think your profession of engineering is the last bastion of scientific truth. An engineer has to get it right or buildings fall down and computer chips don’t work, etc.

    Anyway, I thought you might gain something from the article.

    • arn says:

      Especially people from a lower class status like me are more willing to prostitute themselves for a higher status – no matter what.

      I first realised it when i met some of those guys after they went the first time to university and returned after the first 5-10 weeks.
      The majority of them completely changed so much that you want to punch them after 5 minutes of talk.
      They completely changed the way they act and speak using big words,good intentions – even their body language changed.
      And if only 5 weeks are enough to make them act like intellectual aristocracy
      one can only imagine what kind of superior gods they will become after 5 years and a degree.
      And the craziest thing is that these arrogant,ignorant,intellectual overlords are so full of shit that they are the ones crying the loudest for a classless society.
      (My sister btw didn’t behave that way because i told her early on that i’ll beat the crap out of her if she continues to talk like a snob.And she instantly understood what I mean as she never ever talked again that way to me or my parents ) .
      And this behavior is perfectly reflected in those

      And as result of this negative selection science has become totally corrupted as it attracts the wrong people.
      Therefore it has become a fascist,or more precise marxist bureaucracy where 20%(useful idiots) do all the work while the rest is busy with feeling important and virtue signalling.

      And the reason why engineering still has a high level of integrity is simple.
      It is based in reality and there is a price to pay if you fail: No hiding behind cheap excuses,promises and politics.
      No chance to transform into a mystic priesthood class as reality and presence are the judges and not some abstract future models.

      The protection of the status goes so far that all those exclusive(mostly) all white liberal communities have developed methods to keep their communities and schools clean
      from immigrants,from poor people or whatever.

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