Climate Whiplash In 1950

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4 Responses to Climate Whiplash In 1950

  1. arn says:

    Climate Whiplash is just another propaganda term used during the transition from
    climate change to climate disruption.
    As climate change means nothing its propaganda value in terms of fear
    is too low.
    Climate disruption on the other hand,supported by a whiplash works very well.
    Especially as one can now claim “Ever heard of climate whiplash before?Of course not.Therefore they did not exist prior to global warming = proof = man made ”

    While the whiplashes were physically used to keep the slaves obedient and on the plantation( the term cracker seems to orginate from the cracking sound of the whip,which would make it the most stupid insult )
    modern whiplashes are psychological and keep us on the mental plantation.
    The use of words to sell off the mill events as catastrophies.

  2. John Haller says:

    Tony, the only way to solve this, is to put on your red Devo energy dome and….that’s right “whip it!”

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Never fear! Our unqualified Transportation secretary has the answer.Equity. There’s too many White people working in infrastructure. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    Make no mistake! Infrastructure is about climate change, and who better qualified for the the job of tackling climate change than people of equity. If you thought the $1.2 trillion were going to fix the potholes you were sadly mistaken

  4. Lynne Balzer says:

    The supposed quote from Yale University is an appeal to authority, a propaganda technique. Because our public schools failed to teach their students how to recognize propaganda, people are taken in by it. Who would have ever thought that 21st-century people would be so uneducated and gullible? What a sad situation!

    Whoever put that article together obviously never bothered to check actual climate records and assumed that no one else would either. That’s why the service you are doing for mankind is so valuable.

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