Deadly Climate Propaganda

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4 Responses to Deadly Climate Propaganda

  1. dm says:

    Tony, congratulations on NoTricksZone citing one of your commentaries!!!

  2. Daniel Smeal says:

    There’s a saying here in NM (and I’m sure other similar places): ‘if you don’t like the weather today, stick around, it may be totally different tomorrow’ (or something like that). The same can be said from year to year. I’ve seen very cold (or wet) years followed by very warm (or dry) years over the past 50 years here. There has been no evident trend.

    • Dale Baranowski says:

      I unfortunately lived in the Mid-West for 17 years and the weather there was highly variable. The truism there was: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.”

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