Fifty Years Of Progress In Athletics

Fifty years ago, civil rights law came into effect to give women equal opportunity in athletics.

Title IX – Wikipedia

Now women have no chance of competing against medically altered males, and the women are not allowed to talk about it.

OutKick Exclusive: Second Female Penn Swimmer Steps Forward, Describes Teammates In Tears – OutKick

Men also aren’t allowed to compete unless they take an injection to alter their RNA – and the press refuses to talk to the world’s #1 tennis player about why he chose not to take an experimental injection which has killed or destroyed the careers of dozens of top athletes.

Seventy percent of hospitalizations in New South Wales are double injected, but the Australian government said a perfectly healthy athlete was a threat to public health because he wasn’t injected.

2022-01-20 COVID-19 cases, variants, vaccines, hospitalisations and deaths

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2 Responses to Fifty Years Of Progress In Athletics

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Every women’s team member in their conference should walk away and let him be the only female swimmer. Obviously he isn’t right in the head because he is so proud of beating real women. It’s like a 21-year-old guy playing Little League baseball, and thinking his mentally ill self is a hot shot for winning. Actually, every athlete, male and female, in every sport needs to walk away in solidarity with the female swimmers at every university in the nation.

  2. william says:

    I look forward to watching two men, sorry trans women , compete at the women’s, Wimbledon, tennis final.

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