Hottest Years Ever

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  1. Scott Allen says:

    This is a very good documentary on the ‘little ice age” and explains much about our history that people forgot COLD KILLS.

  2. Brian D says:

    The North Central US is experiencing a very cold start to Jan with -5 to -20 anomalies for the first part of of the month. Been very cold here. Average temps slated for the next few days, but late Jan into early Feb will get very cold again, as well as, later in Feb. As mild as December was here, we are now paying for it.

    The forecast in the Arctic for the next 7-10 days looks like a weather pattern that will bring sustained N to NE winds across the Bering and Okhotsk seas, and N winds over the Barents, and N Greenland seas. Storms tracks running along the east coast of N America will bring lots of snow into S Greenland over the same period.

    So watch for increasing extents in the above mentioned seas, and a potential strong spike up in Greenland mass.

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