Most Extreme Climate Fraud In History

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  1. Droidian says:

    I dated a straight A student in High School. She had it figured out. I was a C student. Rarely studied, but enjoyed the time (chicks) kek. I ended up in Computers and made a pretty good living from it. She is in a mobile home and not happy. I have many more examples, but logic seems to be hard to come by these days. That’s odd because it seems so simple. I’m finding it to be so complicated these days. Maybe it’s the fluoride or chemtrails dumbing them down. I’ll continue to try to figure it out. It’s difficult with the globalists against us, but we have the numbers and will win in the end … God wins. Thank you so much for bringing logic into this chaos.

  2. Hi, Tony, it would help if you provided on this site the graphs themselves, like the ones on the video you did today, 1/13/2022, so that people can link to it and spread the news better.
    We can start from the data, and reconstruct your graphs, but since it is your original work, it would be better to link to it.

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