January 1951 Bay Area Tornado

11 Jan 1951, 1 – Los Gatos Times-Saratoga Observer at Newspapers.com

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3 Responses to January 1951 Bay Area Tornado

  1. Torgo says:

    Los Gatos? I need to move there right MEOW!
    But as always, thank you for sharing History History History with us.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Lol at the top of the page “you can live through atomic bomb raid”
    Guess what? Brandon is moving us closer to war with Russia, China, and North Korea
    Run by war mongers Rom Klain and Anthony Blinkin, the deep state military industrial complex is alive and well

  3. Pilot Dave says:

    West Virginia’s Canaan Valley plummets to minus-31, setting record low for region

    Hey Tony,
    Just 125 miles west of Washington DC, the temperature at a weather station in Canaan Valley plunged to minus-31 degrees. It is the coldest reading on record in that part of the state.



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