NASA Predicts The Demise Of Corn

NASA climate forecasts are based on political expediency – and have nothing to do with science or reality.

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4 Responses to NASA Predicts The Demise Of Corn

  1. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    As you are a big fan of history, you might find this incongruously hilarious:

    The Soviet Union’s Corn Campaign

    Just as he promoted the Virgin Lands Program as a solution to the grain problem, so Nikita Khrushchev touted the expansion of corn cultivation as a solution to the livestock problem.

    By 1960 total acreage had increased to 28 million hectares and reached 37 million by 1962. The latter year, cool and rainy in the spring and early summer throughout European Russia, proved disastrous for corn. Some 70 to 80 per cent of the acreage planted died.

    Collective farmers’ suspicions of corn as an “alien” crop were vindicated, but not before a great deal of damage had been done to Soviet agriculture and Khrushchev’s reputation as a wise leader.

    So, if NASA is correct, Khrushchev will eventually be vindicated as being a leader any “years ahead of his time”, as they can just move the US Corn Belt to Russia. (lol)

    PS: While we are on the topic of the USSR, the drying of the Aral Sea was the result of another Soviet plan/catastrophe to turn Uzbekistan into a cotton producing region:

    The Biggest Corruption Case in Soviet History

    Amazing what a central government can do when it is unconstrained by facts, science and logic.

  2. Daniel Smeal says:

    All one (who seeks the truth) has to do is conduct a search in Google Scholar on ‘the effects of CO2 on photosynthesis, plant growth, crop yields, etc.’ to see conclusive evidence that elevated CO2 level (2 to 3 times ambient) has beneficial effects. I haven’t counted them, but I believe there are more than 200 refs. based on the citation list in

  3. Windsong says:

    Saw this video linked on a Joe Bastardi retweet today. Looks very similar to the work Tony has done over the years. Please give it a look soon. Doubt it stays up long now that Joe featured it.

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