NYT 1979 : No Questioning MWP Or LIA

TimesMachine: February 16, 1979 – NYTimes.com

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4 Responses to NYT 1979 : No Questioning MWP Or LIA

  1. rah says:

    Happy New Year! Hope you both have a wonderful 2022.

    And the beat goes on.

    Welcome to the Extinction Clock, the Internet’s authoritative source for end of world climate and extinction predictions.
    All predictions have been made by notable individuals, academics, politicians, institutes, and the press.


  2. GWS says:

    And everyone goes on without questioning whether CO2 really is driving global warming. People just assume it’s true.

  3. Greg in NZ says:

    “Boulder shut down their cola fired power plant four years ago”.

    Well there’s the problem right there: unburned ‘cola’ will build up dangerous levels of pressure because… carbon dioxide! Release the cola NOW or the eagle chicks get it!

    Those vertically stacked rock slabs in your photo (of Boulder’s Front Range) are similar to the Red Rocks amphitheatre formation west of Denver. Having lived in Summit County, CO, 30 years ago and attending a few concerts at Red Rocks (Allman Brothers, Blues Traveller) I was mightily intrigued by the geological lay-of-the-land of the area. Guess it’s a feature of where the plains meet the mountains, ie. up-thrusts and erratic landscapes.

    Let’s just hope Leo DiCrapio and Al Goracle don’t team up to make another horror/comedy/sci-fi movie – ‘Chinook Run 2022: Cold Heat Unprecedented, Panic!’

  4. Rockwood says:

    The world is truly coming to an end with new stories of doom and gloom added every day. If this is correct, please forgive me for having lived, being a human, not sacrificing my body to the gods and truly trying to understand the truth that seems to be changing every day. If not, figure out why and let’s move forward together. I am sick of this bull shit and web sites that promote extinction.
    Live people, live your lives free of government tyranny and lies.
    Happy New Year Mr Heller and team, we love you.

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