Putting mRNA In The Food Supply

Grow and eat your own vaccines? | University of California

Fifty years ago the United Nations, leading California academics and the New York Times wanted to poison the food and water supply in order to control population.

TimesMachine: November 25, 1969 – NYTimes.com

The black community recognized this as genocide.

The Evening News – Google News Archive Search

Google’s Regina Dugan Demos Electronic Tattoos & Ingestible Passwords – Liz Gannes – D11 – AllThingsD

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2 Responses to Putting mRNA In The Food Supply

  1. arn says:

    “Optimum population and environment”
    -they already masked the truth with slimey words and the use of environment
    already 55 years ago.
    That’s pure progressivism.

    Considering that
    Margaret Sanger already suggested 100 years ago to use “token negroes”(Biden made the use of the word politically correct)
    to promote the acceptance of abortion facilities in black neighbourhoods
    and that Ruth Bader Ginsberg said in her last TV interview that “Texas anti abortion laws are not the way to get rid of the unwanted population”(this part was deleted to protect her legacy)
    these people knew very well why they walked out.

    And some who were very well aware eventually switched sides to sell out for political success as Jesse Jackson who went from antiabortion to full abortion support to be allowed to enter higher political ranks.

  2. spren says:

    These people are really sick and twisted human beings. Paul Ehrlich has never been right about anything, and yet he’s still among the living and continuing to propagate his insanity. And I believe it was John Holdren, Obama’s science advisor, who was the one pushing for the water and food supply to be used to sterilize people.

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