The Social Cost Of Not Having Access To Fossil Fuels

The press is full of stories claiming that global warming is racist.

But the reality is that climate alarmism is racist. In North America and Europe, 100% of the population has access to clean fuels for cooking, in the Central African Republic it is less than 1%. Clean fuels for most people are methane and fossil fuel powered electricity.

Share of the population with access to clean fuels for cooking, 2016

The lack of clean fuels causes four million premature deaths per year.

Comparison of In Vitro Toxicological Effects of Biomass Smoke from Different Sources of Animal Dung – PMC

Those dung cakes could be harmful: Study | Deccan Herald

The Washington Post says the human race will become extinct in eight years unless we eliminate fossil fuels.

Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right. – The Washington Post

And the New York Times says it is time to panic.

NYT Opinion on Twitter: “Panic might seem counterproductive,

Meanwhile, fossil fuel usage continues to increase, while wind and solar barely show up on the radar.

Global primary energy consumption by source

Life expectancy continues to increase year after year and malnutrition continues to decrease.

Life expectancy, 1770 to 2019

Prevalence of undernourishment in developing countries, 1970 to 2015

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16 Responses to The Social Cost Of Not Having Access To Fossil Fuels

  1. Torgo says:

    The poorest regions of earth are suffering so much that the population there is growing more rapidly than everywhere else. And the excess population just HAS to migrate North to escape the terrible conditions that are allowing such an expansion of human life.

    • High birth rate correlates with poverty because it is associated with high infant mortality. With no state care for the elderly one’s children represent the pension plan. Small families are associated with prosperous Western nations, who have no such concerns. If the objective is population reduction, that is best achieved through prosperity. Denying the Third World access to cheap energy is counter-productive to the Malthusian philosophy which underpins the climate scare porn. Even if the idiots fundamental beliefs were sound, they are going the wrong way about achieving it. But perhaps we are dealing with pure evil, which celebrates human suffering.

      • Torgo says:

        “High birth rate correlates with poverty because it is associated with high infant mortality.”

        Africa has a high birth rate and a low enough infant mortality rate such that millions of adults are able to survive long enough to invade other nations against the will of many of the host nations’ citizens. Seems to me that they need no one’s help. And if they are hell-bent to invade others’ lands instead of working to improve their own, then they don’t deserve anyone’s help, IMHO.

        “But perhaps we are dealing with pure evil, which celebrates human suffering.”

        I will give you credit for that idea. As Baudelaire wrote, “The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.” An excellent rebuttal to the execrable aphorism of “Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity.”

        • The problem is one of the culture failing to keep up with the introduction of Western medicine and technology. This is self-correcting but will take a couple of generations. It’s all about time constants of dynamic processes, nothing to do with morality.

  2. arn says:

    It seems that there is no limit in terms of stupidity in progressive science.
    The crazier the idea the more woke “experts” will believe it.

    Now they just need to find a way to fuse racism,climate and covid –
    the unified trinity of critical theory.

    • Tel says:

      Already done mate.

      We got all the buzzwords here: Inequality, Women, Black and Hispanic, Extreme Wealth, Climate Breakdown, urge Everyone to get Vaccinated … and most hilarious the jetset Davos crowd telling the world how much they care … deeply, deeply care, about all those suckers in lockdown who’s lives were destroyed … not by Dr Fauci, EcoHealth Aliance, Daszak and their gain of function research, but by the evil Capitalism itself.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I watched an interesting show last night on Netflix called “Misha and the Wolves”. I guess if I had a degree in psychology, I could deconstruct it in terms of the craft, but just being an engineer, I can only say that it is a case study in mass hysteria, and how one person can elicit a sympathetic response in millions of people regarding a clear fantasy. If only they had thought about it for a moment, they would have known it was a fantasy. To me, it demonstrates how fragile a thinking rational society is, and how disruptive our educational system became when it stopped teaching children to think about things, and began to beg them to express their feelings. Education should be the opposite. It should beg you to hold back your feelings, and deal with situations in a rational way. Humans are easily led astray by their feelings. Thinking is difficult and labor some. That is why it needs to be pounded into our heads. Otherwise, we go willy nilly chasing Misha and the Wolves, or global climate change, or ostracizing and punishing the unvaccinated and taking away the tools doctors need for treatment of COVID.

  4. GreyGeek says:

    All those “climate change is racist” stories have the same talking points and point to a single source that the MNM just parrots. We see it all the time with our local “news” shows in which the talking heads just read verbatim the scripts sent to them by their parent company, even to the point of putting emphasis on the same words. Recently, one “news” story was about Omicron and how deadly it was. Each reader read the word “death” with special emphasis. In fact, Omicron is nature’s vaccine against covid.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Someone mentioned on Bongino that the government has pulled back the monoclonal antibodies because they are ineffective against Omicron, except for one, and the majority of cases are now Omicron. Since when did we have a socialist government which dictates how each and every doctor must act, and what tools he has to act with? Doctors are supposed to use their professional judgement, not follow the dictates of a central political medical group. If most of the cases are Omicron, then some of the cases are Delta, so a doctor needs to be able to assess which his patient has and prescribe accordingly.

    • Torgo says:

      With all due respect, this is nothing new.
      Here in Michigan our evil Governor Whitmer threatened all Michigan doctors and professionals with “administrative action” if they used Hydroxychloroquine for CV patients in March 2020, in the terrifying early days. This was at a time that the world-famous U of Michigan Hospital had HCQ listed on their publicly-available CV treatment protocols, but HCQ soon vanished from that list. I am a licensed veterinarian in Michigan so I received a copy of Whitmer’s threats.

  6. iggie says:

    Climate change must have been worse when slavery was rife.

  7. Timo, Not That One says:

    The areas of Africa closest to the equator have the least clean fuel for cooking. They also have the lowest incidence of covid.
    Maybe the Warmunists have a good idea. Force the first world to burn dung in the kitchen and we will finally be rid of covid.

    Maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas.

    • We are dealing with ignorant people who delude themselves that the past was some bucolic paradise, rather than the grinding poverty and misery which characterises the emerging nations.

  8. Clyde says:

    Tony Heller wrote:
    “But the reality is that climate alarmism is racist. In North America and Europe, 100% of the population has access to clean fuels for cooking, in the Central African Republic it is less than 1%. Clean fuels for most people are methane and fossil fuel powered electricity.”

    That’s why they do it… do you honestly believe they care about minorities? No, they’ve flipped reality on its head and are promoting schemes that will damage minorities because they are the racists. Remember, the Democrat party was started by slaveholders for the express purpose of expanding slavery into the Kansas-Nebraska territories, they have been the party of xenophobia, racism, misogyny and exploitation of the weak throughout their existence… they’ve just become better at hiding their xenophobia, racism, misogyny and exploitation of the weak behind well-intentioned-sounding verbiage, as they promote policies that actively hurt those they purport to help. Same as it ever was, they’re just better at it now.

    Conversely, the Republican party was started by anti-slavery activist for the express purpose of ending slavery (that split in ideology is why the Democrat-Republican party split in the first place), and they have advanced every single substantive civil rights bill, against the attempts by the Democrats to stop those bills. And lest we forget, no Republicans owned slaves, they fought to free the slaves, the Democrat party fought to keep slavery, even after slavery was abolished (they introduced share-cropping, another form of slavery introduced by Democrats to exploit the weak, they introduced Jim Crow, they introduced voting tests to stop minorities from voting).

    Nowadays, they talk in flowery language about how they’re ‘helping’ minorities, but you’ll notice their policies have the same exact outcome as that which they wanted all those years ago… to include segregation (the segregation of college dorms and graduations, for instance), which they now hide behind the flowery language of “providing a safe space” for minorities.

    That’s why I always say, “Don’t listen to the lying words falling from the lips of the evil Democrats. They lie. Look at the results of their actions.”

    They’re getting the same results as before, they’re just better at hiding why they want those results… they’ve gotten better at hiding their racism.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Noting t hat back in the 1970’s is was Global Cooling and New Ice Age was coming the very same liberal rags like Time and Newsweek was giving it top coverage in their liberal rags

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