Thirty Years Of Fake CO2 Agreements

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

12 Jun 1992, 1 – The Clarksdale Press Register at

As Chinese CO2 emissions skyrocket, Al Gore praises their leadership.

Annual CO₂ emissions from coal

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4 Responses to Thirty Years Of Fake CO2 Agreements

  1. David F Mayer says:

    Al Gore is still an idiot.

    The Climate Crackpots are not wising up.

  2. rah says:

    My Granddaughter is in S. Korea with her soldier husband. She says the pollution is terrible. She can go out on her deck and rub her hand across the top rail and there is a black film on it. This is coming from China primarily.

    The cold has their coal fired powered plants going full bore burning poor quality coal. No scrubbing. No blending. No pollution mitigation efforts at all.

  3. kzvx says:

    The inconvenient truth is that Al Gore is a complete pillock

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