Wyoming’s Leaders

Teton County, Wyoming  far and away leads the state in both injections and infections.

Wyoming Coronavirus Map and Case Count – The New York Times

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11 Responses to Wyoming’s Leaders

  1. John Sturges says:

    Sociopaths have one tool, manipulation. Creating fear/terror in those who you want to accept your leadership on the claims you are the one to protect them has a history as long as we have a written record. This is not Marxism, Socialism or some other supposed political philosophy. This is the sociopathic personality which has been part of the human condition our entire evolution. The goal is to attain power over others. It is that part of society that stresses competition against others as the primary route to success calling those who favor win-win interactions ‘whimps’ and ‘weak’.
    Global Warming is one theme used to gain control. Logic has no impact on them. They view logical argument as a sign of weakness and they double down on lies and misrepresentation. The only means possible to stop their destruction is to stop giving them money and authority to govern. We too often accept their declarations that they are unique to be our leaders.

    • Lynn Geek says:

      Their willingness to kill those who will not conform makes them psychopaths.
      Obama signed an EO giving himself sole authority to declare American citizens a “terrorist” and to kill them. Biden is adding “domestic” to that definition for the sane goal
      Worse, he is a psychopathic liar with incipient dementia.

      • Mary I. says:

        In my view, sociopaths are motivated by a desire to get away with breaking rules, and psychopaths by a desire to exert control over others. The people running this show have the hallmarks of psychopathy rather than sociopathy, although they employ sociopaths to do their evil bidding.

        • arn says:

          The difference between Sociopaths and Psychopaths according to my knowledge is that a Psychopath has an underdeveloped brain that lacks empathy or the sense of guilt and who are cold blooded.
          To them spirituality,love etc are just nonsense and they only mimic such behavior
          to either fit into society (functional psycho)or to weaponise it but they don’t have the wisdom to understand it as it can not be quantitiesed and does not exist in a materialistic way .
          They are like colorblind people who deny the existence of colors because they can only see shades of black and white.
          A sociopath on the other hand is not mentally handicapped but shows Psychopathical tendencies as result of bad experiences and indoctrinations .
          Janissaries are a good example of sociopath:Little slavic children taken by muslims(as tax!) turned from young age into warmachines that killed other slavic people – and they were so dangerous that the ottomans eventually exterminated them in an ambush.

          While Psychopaths never lose their cool and can shamelessly repeat even debunked lies in front of many people (Psaki, Biden, Harris)
          a sociopath is more of the bipolar kind as they can also get loud,irrational and violent.
          A psychotpath would never lose controle to expose himself or destroy his reputation for no reason while a sociopath will end up in prison for stupidities.

          If you take a look at Kamala Harris : People dislike her
          because her laughter is totally fake.
          And she does not understand the difference between fake and real laughter.
          She is no longer laughin so much because her masters realised that and sent her a new team of communication experts.

          Psychopaths create and rule sociopaths.
          They even created ceremonies to establish psychopathic behavior for their top tier sociopaths ( =cremation of care )

  2. Isn’t this the Wellington Law of command: the cream floats to the top, so also does the scum?

    • Crispin Pemberton-Pigott says:

      Gordon, I have not heard of the Wellington Law but I fell a small addition to the idea should be made. It is in stagnant water that the scum floats to the top.

      When the dynamic of challenge and response is gone, and social progress is static for a time, a different sort of person ascends that command structure: people skilled at manipulating the existing rules of the bureaucracy to collect influence. All such structures create frustrations through contradiction and poor execution. This creates opportunities for ambitious people to collect influence by knowing how to “use the system”. The evidence is clear that when powerful people who rose in such a static and/or rigid system are not elected, or appointed by the elected, they easily become tyrants within the administration. J Edgar Hoover is a classic example.

      Tyrannical behaviour is defined by intent and action, not attitude. Smiling, sneaky people can be tyrants too – they do not have to rage loudly. Canada just passed Bill C-4 without any ranting and raving, but it is tyrannical all the same. It ultimately controls private speech, with serious penalties.

      Whoever is behind it is unlikely to be found within the borders. Our constitution also has enemies, foreign and domestic. First, guard your mind.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    I realize correlation is not causation. But when correlation begins to shows up in every statistic, when do you get to begin questioning causation? Make your best guess:

    1) When Anthony Fauxi says so.
    2) When Anthony Fauxi says so.
    3) When Anthony Fauxi says so.
    4) When Anthony Fauxi says so.

  4. Bob says:

    We live in crazy times. 50 years ago the press exposed BS and now they promote it. I live near the twin cities of Minnesota and I get my television out of Minneapolis and on tonight’s news I’m learning that they’re bringing back mask mandates in several cities in Minnesota despite no evidence that they are effective. The vaccines are not true vaccines yet they’re called vaccines. The vaccines cause negative outcomes in many people but we can’t talk about that. We’re supposedly in a climate catastrophe and yet we have record high crop yields in the summer and fall and ample snow in the winter for snowmobiling. We’re told that there’s something wrong with capitalism even though it’s made us the richest nation in the world

  5. Bob says:

    I see I’m limited on how many words I can use in my rant but I wasn’t quite done. We have the richest country in the world with even the poor doing ok but we’re told by the experts and the Democrats that there’s something wrong with our system, freedom just doesn’t work apparently. And now you’re an outcast if you claim that ivermectin a virus killing drug that landed the inventor the Nobel prize, might work well on covid-19. Even the Florida mayo clinic won’t let you use it. https://m.theepochtimes.com/court-quashes-familys-quest-to-try-ivermectin-as-recovered-patients-tout-effectiveness-of-alternative-treatments_4205837.html?utm_source=partner&utm_campaign=whatfinger

  6. Bob says:

    I have one more thing to add if Mr Heller will let me get away with it. I live in Minnesota where every winter we have snow and we go skiing and snowmobiling and skating. We did have a few warm Winters 20 years ago but since it’s been back to average. I recall seeing so many stories on how skiing will become a thing of the past in the Northeast United States and even in Colorado due to lack of snowfall due to warming temps. But not making news, there’s a ski hill in North Carolina called beech mountain. I had no idea that we had ski hills that far south on the East Coast. Current conditions, 3 ft base. Enjoy!

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