UK Government Discovers Natural Immunity

“people who have never been vaccinated are more likely to have caught COVID-19 in the weeks or months before the period of the cases covered in the report. This gives them some natural immunity to the virus which may have contributed to a lower case rate in the past few weeks”

Fully injected adults in the UK are more than twice as likely to catch COVID-19 than the uninjected.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 2

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16 Responses to UK Government Discovers Natural Immunity

  1. Phil Mitchell says:

    Hey Tony, did you see this:
    if so, do you have any thoughts on it?

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    Interesting slant.
    If you don’t get Covid it’s because you must have had it, whereas if you are “protected” you can catch Covid.

  3. DD More says:

    “Based on antibody testing of blood donors, 98.7% of the adult population now have antibodies to COVID-19 from either infection or vaccination compared to 24.1% that have antibodies from infection alone.”

    98.7% sounds like Herd Immunity.

  4. Gamecock says:

    I believe I have natural immunity. Not because I have had it (by test, I haven’t). But because I have surely been exposed and didn’t get it.

    My son, who was living with me, had it Jan-Feb 2021. He stayed in his part of the house, I stayed in mine. But we shared the kitchen.

    Might be my generally good health. Might be my D3, C complex, and zinc supplements. Dunno. I see no reason to risk The Jab when it looks like I can’t get it, anyway.

  5. Brian says:

    You do fantastic work 😀

  6. Mary-Anne Sillamas says:

    Thanks for posting this.

  7. Lawrence says:

    Was this before or after the PCR testing was denounced by the CDC?

    Or does it even matter, since this supposed virus hasn’t been properly identfied yet and PCR surely won’t tell you what particle in the soup is making you fart.

    It still sounds/smells like bullshit no matter what they say. Oh well. Crazy world.
    Happy New Year

  8. Richard says:

    Covid is real, death rate is LOW – not what was feared in Jan 2020 with an airborne virus
    vaccines work or dont work? it does not hurt to get one like driving with a seat belt probably never need it but better to have it
    has research proven natural immunity – probably but the money makers are keeping it quiet

  9. william says:

    The covid vaccine has killed more than the smallpox vaccine did-

    “But all the vaccines that we use today are the result of modern technology. That’s not true of the smallpox vaccine. It has a side effect profile that we, we would not accept for vaccines today….. And the smallpox vaccine is deadly, too. Scientists call it the most dangerous vaccine known to man” –

    Small pox killed 30% of the population, covid killed around 0.1-0.5% and yet here we are using a vaccine more dangerous than the smallpox vaccine.

  10. Why are the rates declining with the age? I thought it must he vice versa.

  11. mwhite says:

    A freedom of information request to the office of national statistics from GBNews.

    How many people have died of covid without any comorbidities.

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