Michael Mann Discusses His Political Views

Michael Mann believes that Senator John Kennedy’s support of Nigerian doctors makes him a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

5:06 PM · Feb 2, 2022

2:52 PM · Feb 2, 2022

He also believes Florida is run by Nazis.

8:35 AM · Feb 1, 2022

5:17 AM · Feb 3, 2022

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14 Responses to Michael Mann Discusses His Political Views

  1. arn says:

    That’s just prove that man is 0% scientist and 100% agenda bastard(poor low IQ version of Paul Ehrlich )
    who will promote anything woke
    and his showing off his deep scientific analytical skills with short sentence and the use of standard buzz words racist,masks,nazi.

  2. Joao Martins says:

    Has the criter “political views”, or is he just a mud slinger?

  3. Disillusioned says:


  4. He deludes himself that he is a scientist, why are we surprised that his delusions extend his political views as well?

    • Disillusioned says:

      Well… yeah, it *may be self delusion.

      *But because of the incredible and blatant fraud he is guilty of, I really tend to believe his entire schtick is out of self-protection, rather than self-delusion.

  5. GWS says:

    What a fool. He completely undermined any credibility he might have had as a so-called scientist. Only a dimocrat would see nothing wrong here.

  6. spren says:

    There is no bigger charlatan on the scene than Michael Mann-made gullible warming. It’s astounding he isn’t in prison for his fraudulent use of taxpayer funded grant money.

    Even after his fraud was disclosed by Steve McIntrye while Mann-less was still at University of Virginia, Penn State recruited and hired him to be a professor of fraudulent studies at their “institution.” He probably does take a back seat to Jerry Sandusky, another notable member of State Penn.

  7. Russell Cook says:

    Used Twitter’s “Report” feature to flag “the Mann’s” ‘hood’ accusation as hate speech. Not holding my breath that the Twit organization will zap it offline, but it never hurts to try …..

    • kzvx says:

      Twatter only censors conservatives

      • Russell Cook says:

        True. Took a couple of days, but the official Twit organization finally emailed me a direct albeit generic fill-in-the-alleged-offender’s-name response this morning to say “After reviewing the available information, we want to let you know MichaelEMann hasn’t broken our safety policies….” And then it offered the predictable list of category violations, minus anything about hate speech. Which, of course, the far-left applies to essentially anything that offends them these days. Basically telling us “Privilege to offend for Me, but not for Thee.”

        One truly never knows how far actions like mine reach, though. It could be that among the staffers tasked with looking into this little matter, the hypocrisy now resides like a cancer living rent-free in the mind of one of the Twit employees, where that person might start cataloguing more hypocrisies he/she sees, until the whole pile becomes an overwhelming whistle blower situation to be tipped to Project Veritas. Call me a dreamer on this, but it is still plausible ….

  8. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Well, he doesn’t think national security is of any value because he’s a Marxist and believes that when the Marxists take over we will all be able to roam where ever we want and be completely secure. What does it matter if we can’t? We’re all just bricks in the Marxo-Nazi wall, anyway. He is to, and is interchangeable with an uneducated, unskilled illegal when it fits the agenda.

  9. David says:

    I just wish he would release his hockey stick data so Tony can analyze it.

  10. aeroearth says:

    Michael Mann at a USA Congressional meeting was asked whether he belonged to two communist organisations, which he denied. He was then shown his smiling face on the web pages of both organisations as a proud Member. Both organisations have a policy of taking all that oppose their communist climate propaganda to Court, which is what Michael Mann did with Canadian Professor Tim Ball and after some 9 years settled in Tim Ball’s favour, Court costs awarded against Michael Mann.
    See YouTube video: – “Michael Mann Tells Whopper at Congressional Hearing”
    Michael Mann is simply a communist propagandist, dedicated to the destruction of the USA. Suffering from a fatal case of “climate disease”, ruled by emotions not logic.

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