Worst Reporting In 1,200 Years

New study: drought in New Mexico the worst in 1,200 years

Apparently “global climate change” is going to cause even more more misinformation from the press.

New Mexico – State Climate Summaries 2022

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12 Responses to Worst Reporting In 1,200 Years

  1. Paul Rossiter says:

    From the full announcement:
    “Five organizations are contributing to the effort: the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Quadrivium, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation.”

    “For Carovillano, it was getting used to the idea that funders weren’t just being generous; they had their own goals to achieve. “This is a mutually beneficial arrangement,” he said.”

    Well, what a surprise (NOT)!

  2. Paul Rossiter says:

    Sorry, this was meant for the article on Associated Press receiving funding.

  3. I suppose it is difficult to find the sensationalist headlines which sell newspapers. All the outrageous and immoral behaviours of the past which filled the media with scandal are now normalised and any reference to them would nowadays be heralded as ‘hate speech’ against the professionally offended. AGW will always be there to attract the punters with yet crazier ‘evidence’ of impending doom, while in the real world, nothing much is actually happening.

    • toorightmate says:

      The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) now publishes daily bullshit alarmist articles relating to climate change/weather/global warming/etc..
      These articles are 100% bullshit from extreme left activists – which are reported by the ABC as being “””experts”””.
      As some smart Russian philosophers would say – “we live in difficult times”.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Find something that can’t be changed. Make everyone in fear of their lives from it. Mobilize them to fix it. Convince them to give everything they have to fix it, including their family, neighbors, and friends who don’t join in.

    • GWS says:

      So true. But covid seems to be burning itself out; not enough people are dying from it, but an annual vaccine injection that destroys our immune system might work to up the death rate. AGW is a good one too, but it’s getting harder and harder to link it to CO2, so they’re trying to throw in some other gasses and even carbon itself. The left is still looking for that magic, all-powerful, ubiquitous and invisible boogeyman that they can convince everyone to believe in. I nominate sunshine and water. Living underground without drinking anything would be the closest thing to being dead anyway, which is what I think they are after.

  5. Scott K Jonas says:

    I’ve always understood New Mexico and surrounding states to be largely desert, which means hot and dry. Even up here in Eastern Washington, the Columbia Basin is considered desert, with less than 10″ of rain per year, or 0-10″ per year, depending on who defines the classification. Others classify desert as being 0-20″ per year. I think when I was a kid it was less than 25″ per year. That’s a fairly large difference so whether or not it’s a drought first depends on who gets to define it. But either way, some years the rainfall is near 0″, while some years it gets closer to 10″ (or 20″ or 25″), which still isn’t very much, and that’s pretty much how desert climates work (according to “scientists”).

  6. Dave N says:

    Perhaps Hamman is stuck in (what appears to be) the 1930’s?

  7. Robert L Gipson says:

    Can you spell A-n-a-s-a-z-i? Virtually no rain fell in the Four Corners region in the 23-year period from 1276-1299 AD. Ahem. That’s 23 years of no rain. An even more severe drought occurred in the region from 1130-1180.

  8. Daniel Smeal says:

    Not sure where they came up with this BS. Last year was one of the wettest here in eastern NM. In fact, according to the US Drought Monitor, in early July we were under very mild drought and in spring of 2020 – no drought. Just like the weather, the drought map changes considerably during each year depending on variable precipitation and soil moisture. This year, snow pack that feeds NM rivers is about 80-90% of average. Many water-storage reservoirs are very low but seems this is due to increased demand and water rights settlements with TX and other neighboring states.

  9. dm says:

    KOAT report shows link between Mann and drought.

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