Cancelling Culture

“The so-called ‘cancel culture’ has turned into ‘the canceling of culture’. [Composers] Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff are getting erased from concert programs. Russian writers and their books are also getting banned. Such a massive campaign to destroy undesirable literature was carried out last time by the Nazis in Germany nearly 90 years ago.”

Putin hits back at attempts to ‘cancel’ Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The press spent the last sixty years hand wringing about collective punishment of Japanese people during WWII – and now they are back doing the same thing with Russians.

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10 Responses to Cancelling Culture

  1. arn says:

    I wonder how many countries have cancelled American music,McDonald’s,Software Companies etc for the wars in Iraq,Syria,Lybia etc.

    And I wonder how many muslim countries had been cancelled for systematic slavery,capital punishment for gays and trans,for killing 100K + Christians per year,for destroying thousands of Churches in the last 3 decades –
    but such a kind of cancelling would be called racist by the cancellers.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile drummer Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters died “unexpectedly” and for “unknown reasons” yesterday.
    Foo fighters were very pro vax and even held vaxxed only concerts.
    Taylor had just appeared in a drummers clinic pod cast a couple of days before and appeared happy and healthy and was only 50.
    Meanwhile a business associate of mine is still struggling with heart issues a year after is one and only vax. After Myocarditis hit after the first vax, the doc told him no more. Apparently the myocarditis left scar tissue around the heart causing pain every time he tries to exercise.

  3. David McFerran says:

    I’m not sure how the cancellation of concerts can be compared with the Nazi purges of literature etc., the culture of Tchaikovsky et all hasn’t been cancelled, just a few performances of it. I am sure that when the evil despot that is running Russia has been removed we will all be able once again to hear these concerts.

    Surely the whole point of the sanctions imposed on Russia is not to cancel Russia (as if that were possible) but to get a message across to the inhabitants that their leader has gone off the rails and the sooner they realise that the better.

    The population of Russia is being fed a warped version of what is actually happening in Ukraine, far from being a “limited military operation” innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered to feed the perverse dreams of past glory of their president.

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      The US is being fed a warped version of what’s going on in Ukraine.
      Russia is not being held back bu Ukraine. Russia could have taken the entire country in hours, but that would have resulted in a completely destroyed infrastructure and deaths of countless civilians. That wouldn’t sit well back in Moscow.
      And now we’re seeing evidence that the Azov Battalion is purposely killing scores of Ukrainians and it’s being spun “but Putin”
      After all, the Ukrainian military has an 8 year history of slaughtering civilians by the thousands in eastern Ukraine.

    • arn says:

      That educated people like you can write such a shit is simply amazing.

      Assuming you are from the USA(and that you are not woke,but party sane)
      I wonder how one from a serial genozidal country that was has killed tens of millions of people since end of WW2 and was involved in 202 out of 248 war conflicts that happened since then
      can be so shameless to post such crap.

      Just a little tip:
      If the russians would have used the standard US strategy.
      Carpet Bomb everything,destroy infrastructure,then enter the country
      (and take over the relevant assets)
      Ukraine would have lost this war after 2 weeks.
      If they would have dropped 2.5 million tons on Ukraine
      as you did in Laos(a country with a fraction of ukraine population and less than half in size)there would be nothing left of ukraine.

      Now the only difference:
      Putin had 100* more reason to go to this war than america had from all these wars combined,
      be it the 14000 people killed in dombass
      the Nato extension program
      or the fact that the invasion was also a response of tens of thousands of ukrainian soldiers surrounding dombas for a eystwmati takeover.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      How does cancelling great Russian literature and music in any way “help” the Ukrainians or in any way impact the war? This really is Marxist psychobabble. None of these great works generate one penny of royalties to any Russian because all copyrights, patents, etc. have expired. The only thing these works do it show the level of magnificence that inspired men can rise to-and Marxist hate that. They want you all to be interchangeable drones. You should not aspire to greatness. Blocking you from seeing greatness helps with that.

  4. Heretic Jones says:

    The notion that the ‘nazis’ cancelled culture through book burnings and the like is false. Those who believe this have been deeply deceived or, worse are insidious liars. The Nationalists certainly destroyed items, including books, but please look into specifically what type of items they destroyed and why.

    They destroyed items from the degenerate subculture that had occupied Germany, particularly German cities – these items were consistently related to pornography, pedophilia, and efforts toward ‘cultural genocide’ (a term many rabbis have found favor in today). Then, as now, pornography, pedophilia, and the elimination of nationalism (i.e., globalism) are singularly the expression of talmudic and zionist jews.

    The demonstrable reality is that the Nationalists were making an effort to eliminate non-Germanic degeneracy, and to restore their Germanic culture after the devastation of WW 1 and pursuant treaties.

    Please research this – and for heaven’s sake don’t do a ‘google’ search. Read books – especially books you can’t find on ‘amazon’!

    And finally, once again, ‘nazi’ is a derogatory term created by a jewish journalist as part of a propaganda campaign to denigrate the Nationalist idea. ‘Nazi’ has meaning only to a creed of liars and to the uninformed.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Russian science is degenerate Jewish science.
    Russian literature is degenerate Jewish literature.
    Russian music is degenerate Jewish music.
    Biden, Big Tech, and progressives are channeling Adolf Hitler. Well maybe they always have been, but now they admit it openly.

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