Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Ukraine

“The Russians have made it very clear what they want is a neutral Ukraine. This could have ended days ago. ….. Zelensky is a puppet and he is putting huge numbers of his population at unnecessary risk.”

Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Ukraine

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11 Responses to Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Ukraine

  1. Torgo says:

    We all hear the deafening silence from the host when MacGregor calls Zelensky a “puppet” and then again when he asserts that Z is “being told to hang on”. The obvious questions that are raised by these contrarian opinions are: “A puppet of whom?” and “Being told to hang on by whom?”. But I suspect that the host’s puppetmasters wouldn’t like what the Colonel had to say further. So the obedient vassal called “the host” just acts surprised. Makes me want to listen to a certain classic Metallica song.

  2. arn says:

    A neutral Ukraine would mostly benefit…Ukrainians.

    Both sides want something from Ukraine.
    So Ukraine can cherry peak what they want and keep their status as gas transit country and make tons of money with it,
    instead of being reduced to a colony.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    He won’t be asked back.

  4. rah says:

    For better or worse I would be surprised if some teams from my old unit are not on the ground advising and gathering intel.

    10th SFG(A) is the oldest US Army Special Forces group and has been, since its inception targeted towards Europe. There are teams with the language capability to operate effectively there and FID (Foreign Internal Defense) is one of the stated missions for US Army Special Forces.

  5. william says:

    “I’m inclined to disagree” – sheesh , we don’t care what you think, ask the questions and shut up.

  6. william says:

    “I’m inclined to disagree” – sheesh , we don’t care what you think, ask the questions and shut up.

  7. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    If we’ve learned anything in the last week it is that the media can’t be trusted. Look how bad we’ve been bombarded with Climate change propaganda in the last 2 weeks alone.
    Climate change propaganda (hence the energy policy) is directly related to the events in Ukraine.Putin convinced Western Europe they needed to go green, and now they are having to purchase Russian oil which is helping fund his operation.
    What it don’t understand is that with gas at a record high price here in the heartland, why the Biden administration doesn’t go back to the Trump era of energy independence. It’s as if the Biden administration along with the global elites are intentionally destroying the lives of the middle class in the US.

    • spren says:

      It’s not “as if”, that is what they are intentionally trying to do. Destroy the middle class, eliminate the ability for affordable personal transportation and living outside of the cities, and push everyone back into high-density dwellings and dependence on mass transit.

  8. Shocking. “Puppet?” Of whom. What puppet puts his existence at risk. “Neutralize Ukraine?” What does that mean? Destroy it? As is happening. Does Putin want a “buffer?” A buffer against what forces. If anyone has been “neutralized” it’s the feckless NATO nations. Too busy realizing their “Reset,” which serves Putin. NATO has been (currently, we’ll see if they go back to sleep) revitalized. Murder, destruction, flaming homes, and dead children next door will force one to say, “Hey, something’s wrong with that, maybe I’m next.” McGregor, intoxicated by himself, frequently disappears up his own anus with his reasoning. His smug, self-satisfied smirk gives him away.

  9. Greg Raven says:

    The global elite launder too much money through Ukraine to allow it to become neutral.

  10. Daniel Smeal says:

    Hmm. So we have at least two puppets now? One in Ukraine and one in the WH. There is talk that Putin has some very incriminating evidence on the Biden crime family and possibly others. Rumor??? Could that be why Biden doesn’t open up oil production in US?

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